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#146 - fabledmocker **User deleted account**
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(01/07/2013) [-]
That's some badass reporting skills right there.

First thing we are taught in Journalism camp is to look for stories everywhere.

The Janitor that is never noticed but always looks so lonely? He was once a millionare but he lost it all trying to fund his sister's cancer treatment, which ended up failing.

That new cheerleader that is missing certain days due to illness? She lives with a crackwhore mom who beats her when drunk and is trying desperately to escape that type of life.

That elderly man on the bench at the local park, always sitting there alone? His wife died in that park when a mugger shot her and he can't let go.

Everyone has a story, its just the matter of finding it.

Pic related because MURICA
User avatar #154 to #146 - noopinion
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(01/07/2013) [-]
That boy you just called gay, was raped by a man when he was 6.

That girl you just called a slut, was raped by a man when she was 6.

That man on the bus that you called old, was raped by a man when he was 6 and a half.
#171 to #154 - GumbyTheStud
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