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#28 - ohemgeezus (01/06/2013) [-]
Fixed on account of cancer
#35 to #28 - anonymous (01/06/2013) [-]
get rid of "I CANT STOP ******* LAUGHING NOBODY LOOK AT ME" too :/
#38 to #35 - waffies (01/06/2013) [-]
I would like to introduce you to something: THE CROP BUTTON! (now available on a MS paint program near you)
#81 to #38 - tranminh (01/07/2013) [-]
I just realized the crop button is an arrow on the corner of a square
#37 to #35 - ohemgeezus (01/06/2013) [-]
I only took out the last part because it had nothing to do with anything, and the hashtag is the international sign of cancer.
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