Crazy Urinals Part 2. Part 3 is out!!! /funny_pictures/436784/Crazy+Urinals+Part+3+Sort+of/<br /> If you like these , take alook at these ones /funny_pict Crazy Urinals Part 2 3 is out!!! /funny_pictures/436784/Crazy+Urinals+Part+3+Sort+of/<br /> If you like these take alook at ones /funny_pict
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Crazy Urinals Part 2

Luck hader, one the Hy tums into in blink n m. mustang
autumn It um n n mill not: try.
ranch (mind that etchings radiant smiley or arm. ,
n any something to think ennui That' s "ll venue! minute or
arms normal.
I 1. Full chocolate bar from that lonely couple who never had
2. Razor blade apples from strangers
3. Razor blade apples from family members
4. Candy that old people have been keeping in their house
since prohibition
I 5. Can of tuna from the guy that target it was Halloween
6 Pennies from the old man who told you not to spend t
all in one place (later "spent" in trash can)
I 7. Religious pamphlets handed out by people’: young
children to kid you
8. Candy your mother will insist on inspecting and then like
for herself
9. candy left out on the [rant porch with a sign
that tells you to only take one
10. Candy cigarettes
11. Actual cigarettes
tee this. What do.
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