/v/ being beta. Found on /v/ 0% OC. I Didn't even take the screenshot.. ffriends set me up with a chick for one night stand on sort ofa blind date thing sshe co
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/v/ being beta

Found on /v/
0% OC. I Didn't even take the screenshot.

ffriends set me up with a chick for one night stand on sort ofa blind date thing
sshe comes to my house
bl recognize her, seen her in some of my classes but never really talked to her
bwe hit it off
bwe' re both sitting on my couch, laughing and having a good time
bwe start inching closer and getting a little physical
bl' m eating cheetos with one hand and have my arm around hurwitz the other
bout imnothere, she grabs my cheeto hand and shoves it down the front offer pants
bl still have a cheeto clenched in my hand, but she doesnt notice because she has her eyes closed and she' s looking in the
b' just work your magic anon, We never been with a guy before"
bike never even touched a woman before this point outl dont say anything
bl start rubbing her clit with my finger like my said to do
sshe moans, she says she wants to rememberance night forever
b' put a finger in there too, anon, I think I love you already"
bmy brain has entirely become spaghetti
bl take the cheeto that was in my hand and slowly starter move it into to use as a dildo
sshe beings moaning but then stops mid moan and looks at me
sshe pulls my hand out offer ants and sees the cheetodude lying there in her panties
bl feel like We transcended into an ethereal realm of awkwardness
bl mutter' l' m cheer!'
sshe says "UGH" and runs out my front door
sshe anyone because she' s so embarrassed
bl Heyerdahl again
ffriends forevermore me...
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Submitted: 01/04/2013
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#5 - fieldslax (01/04/2013) [-]
Am I the only one who thought he should have eatin the cheeto after his cheesy line? I mean at that point you might as well **** with the chicks head.
#4 - krasnogvardiech (01/04/2013) [-]
He exists!
He exists!
#3 - knightdavid (01/04/2013) [-]
If this is true, then the fact he even said that is pure awesomeness...
User avatar #2 - sepheroth (01/04/2013) [-]
That's brutal.
User avatar #1 - phanteon ONLINE (01/04/2013) [-]
The betaness...
It hurts.
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