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#303 - awesomeguyTS
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(01/04/2013) [-]
Mine started out like this, albeit because of me... Let me tell you a story.

My character is a Gnogre, a Gnome Ogre. Thats already pretty cool, I mean, strength of an Ogre, cunning of a Gnome, but it gets better. The campaign starts at a bar, everything is going according to plan, until there are 6 people left in the room: Me, my 2 friends, the bartender, and 2 other NPCs. Those 2 NPCs are hiding behind a curtain, and they prime a crossbow bolt, but we couldn't see them, as they were hiding behind a curtain. My 2 friends start planning like, flanking routes, being all tactical. But as they finish, I throw a chair directly at the curtain, knocking both the NPCs unconscious. Since then, I have hit a necromancer, a Baylor, and a host of other things with chairs before battle, just because...