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#297 - mycatislookingatme
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(01/04/2013) [-]
>Be DM
>Friends are having sex with every goddamn quest charecter I give them becuase they keep rolling 20 for charisma checks.
>Get annoyed with one guy who's known for this esp.
>Set an "elf" woman as the lead of the high council in the town of Elanoria.
>He rolls a 20 for seduction roll again
>She takes him up to her room
>Come up with a cunning plan that's more cunning than a fox that's graduated from the Oxford University with a degree in cunning.
>I wrote in that she'd been expermenting with metamorphosis earlier.
>She penetrates his arse all night long while he's tied to the bed.
>He hasn't touched a quest charecter since.