Adventure Time Addiction. say what?. filies levee - Iii 18 minutes age near Upland . 1:, Slowly getting addicted to Adventure Time. Crap... Like . Comment . Unf Adventure Time facebook failbook
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Adventure Time Addiction

filies levee -
Iii 18 minutes age near Upland . 1:,
Slowly getting addicted to Adventure Time. Crap...
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Alysia 'thelikes this,
Hallie already there haha
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IE Jr. -1. ran -ill see you there hah, theres just something about this shew...
it 9 minutes age . Like
then it turns ten, "I can see why everyone likes this harmless shew, it isn' t so bad', After a few sleepless nights,
you slat realizing that a let of your time is spent advertsing, and yee haven' t seen your friends er family Fer a
good part ofa week. Eventually, hours without adventure time seem very long and yee irritable, Tee lack
energy be do anything but watch adventure time, We step bathing er properly feeding yourself, as it weild distract
you from adventure time, ‘fee finish every single episode that has been released but want mere. Sadly, you slat
taning he the internet fer fan fictions regarding Finn and Jake, yee buy the dvds and wear the stupid white hat
everywhere you go, We walk by a mirror don' t even recognize Yoursef, You notice that you don' t leek like the
person we were five months age: yee' re malnourished and sunken -eyed, draped in fething. Your bony
fingers are wrapped around a dirty and loosely . Jake doll, You stare deep intro yeer ewn eyes and mutter,
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Hallie‘. ‘New
E minutes age via mobile . Like
Java Inthere' s hotlines if you need them wit.
3 minutes age . Like . , 2
k Erie wt slats off slowly. ‘we' ll think m yerself, ‘Well, I' ll just watch one episode he see what it' s like",
Write a n: omment. ..
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Thought process: Yay, Adventure Time content! Finally, AT is underrated on here. Lets see what the comments say and see if there are some cool funnyjunkers with similar tastes!
*scrolls down to comments* nope, ponies.
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