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Peter always had suicidal thoughts. It started at middle school when he pissed his pants when all the toilets were taken and every one turned against him.
That depression grown as he moved onto high school. His childhood friend started to go along with the crowd and hated him more then ever.
Everything got better at collage though. He learnt to become the class clown and got his friend back, putting everything behind them.
In the last years of collage Peter met his true love Marsha. He proposed to her on the graduation stage with a song from his heart and his best friend at his side. All through Peters life he has been there. They even lived next door.
Young Peter had to leave some day. He know that staying on the earth during his childhood was his best idea (other then his choice between Marsha and the slut Sarah) but everything has to end. Young Peter (only the age of 87) had 3 children that he had to raise by himself after Marsha died of cancer at age 36.They are the only thing keeping him alive.He couldn't hold on any more, he had to let the pain go. Peter went to visit his old friend at the home to tell him his plan. Oh how he protested but he could never stop Peter.
On February 8th Peter finally let go. He left his friend, he left his family. He finally met up with Marsha after many years.