The World in Perspective. Really long but thought it was a cool message. Not mine, pulled it from imgur.. I turned as today. In 1925, I was a baby. T was born t
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The World in Perspective

The World in Perspective. Really long but thought it was a cool message. Not mine, pulled it from imgur.. I turned as today. In 1925, I was a baby. T was born t

Really long but thought it was a cool message. Not mine, pulled it from imgur.

I turned as today.
In 1925,
I was a baby.
T was born the same
day as ‘lull Daniel.
It doesn' t feel like a
long time to me...
In 1927, Metropolis
premiered in Germany
while I was a
toddler. Mg parents
took me to see the
American version in
1328, but I was
three years old,
and don' t remember.
until I start to
think about it.
I I remember the
big crash of
1929 but did
not understand
at the time.
so many things are now just
concepts to younger people.
In my teenage
years, I also
thought I knew
was aware of who
Albert Einstein
was, and he was
still alive.
Many people have lost their
understanding of war.
In 1943, I was
gung ho to go to
war. A year
before, Japan had
hit Pearl Harbor.
I joined and went
through training
just in time to be
part of away.
Many people don' t understand
what evils men can do.
I don' t talk
about anything
from '43 to '45.
I found out
years later that
lull Daniel was
on the Russian
front while I
was in France.
when we heard about Japan and
the bombs, we were silent and
sorrowful to a man. All of our
gung ho Pearl Harbor resentment
seemed childish and horrible.
people don' t understand
men can do to themselves.
None of my hometown friends
made it. I spent the next eight
years fighting alcoholism.
It was actually Marilyn Monroe
that snapped me out of it. I was
28, and how would I get a girl
like that? certainly not as a
drunk. I haven' t had a drink
since I saw her in Playboy (sorry
in December 1953.
I read about Albert Einstein' s
death in 1955. Vietnam started
around the same time...
If you try hard, things always
eventually get better. That' s
one life lesson I learned.
As a father,
I tried to
emulate my
old man. He
was a world
war vet and
very strict.
It was around the late 50' s and
early en' s that big honking
computers started showing up in
universities and such.
I figured I
would never see
one or use one,
so I didn' t
think much about
Things have a way of changing
all the time, ton.
In 1959, we watched men land on
the goddamn Moon: The feeling
does not ever go away. Not ever.
sometimes they change in
ways you don' t expect.
My eldest daughter
joined the
war movement at age 16 or
17, around .
you can' t blame yourself.
I agreed with the anti-
war sentiments. I' d
seen war. I thought she
was too young, though,
and became very strict.
she ran away from home
in 1972 at 18.
The economy goes up and down
all the time. you can' t worry
too much about it.
The were pretty
hard. I lost my job
for awhile and there
were oil crises.
science and
technology suddenly
seemed to become a
growing part of our
lives, too.
Stephen Hawking became a name
around this time. computers
started getting smaller. we
started learning about the
environment and conservation.
Feminism swept the
country. I had always
thought of my wife as
an equal, but she must
have felt differently.
she left in 1974.
Mg father died a month
later. He lived a
great life. The last
day we saw each other,
he told me not to
mourn him if he died
He would be with
my mother, who died
when I was five or
six. He was 74 when he
passed, and I did my
best not to feel sad.
In fact, I became
emboldened. I was 49
with a career going
nowhere thanks to the
economy. My wife had
left me, and one of
my daughters was Gods
decided to leave my
hometown to look for
a better life.
K I left a note with
our pastor in case
my eldest ever came
I was not a religious man, but
the old pastor still remembered
my troubled times after the war.
He winked and revealed he' d told
the military recruiter I was
still a drunk when the Korean war
happened. I had always wondered
why I was never contacted.
I we also
never too
learned that you' re
old to grow.
And it really is about "who you
know" rather than "what you
and WWY buddies set
me up with a job.
Two of them were
with me when we
heard about the
Bombings in Japan.
None of us liked
the feeling the
cold war gave us.
And sometimes you have to just
keep on making a living
The were crazy
for my children and
people their age...
but crazy for us
older people, too.
Nuclear war seemed
inevitable. It
permeated our
somehow, I still managed not
to drink. My buddies, who had
also seen the Bomb in action,
were not so disinclined.
and hope for the best.
Ci) S' My kids went to
college and I
funded as much
as I could.
The world made it through the
ens, and I climbed the
corporate ladder. My Buddies
also did well. In fact...
I met a woman through one of
them, and we hit it off. once
the kids were out of the house,
we got married. wouldn' t you
know it, she was Japanese.
I retired in 19913, at the ripe
old age of as I thought I had
maybe ten years left, and
wanted to spend them with my
suddenly, the things I' d grown
up with were amazing. Movies
blew me away. There were
Nintendos, and then Sega and
Super Nintendo. My wife and I
loved these. we had so much
free time: Why not:
That decade was the best of my
life. I was supposed to be
old', but I felt more alive
than ever. I felt I missed out
on my due to the drink and
what I now know was PTSD.
Thanks to my wife and all the
great new things being
invented, I was happier than
I' d ever been.
And then the Internet happened.
I grew up in a world of -
face communication. you had to
walk places. you had to mail
things. Information was always
secondhand or via newspaper.
kept up with the burgeoning
Internet for one big reason...
And in 1998,
I found her.
She had become an aviation
engineer and raised A children.
she came to New york and stayed
for nearly a month, filling me
in on the 24 years I' d missed.
Her brother and sister came
home for that month, too.
And now we all stay in contact
with computers. we will never
again be out of contact:
we stayed active and challenged
our minds throughout the 2000' s,
a decade during which nothing
much happened. Do you disagree?
well imagine the decades I have
to compare it to.
our friends started passing on,
and a few started going senile.
we felt sharper than ever,
though, and I chalk that up to
our activities and games.
In 2010, I took my wife to see
the completed ' restored
original version of Metropolis.
It was great, and I remembered
some of the imagery. you can' t
imagine how that feels - an as
year old memory. It was like my
parents were there and I was a
child all over again.
And now my
children are
themselves, with
families of
their own. The
world keeps
marching on.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran,
occupy wall street, the
2011 crash, the was crash,
the 1999 crash, the oil
crises, Vietnam, the
Korean war, landing on the
moon, world war 2...
I' seen it all happen
over and over again.
What have I learned?
Fight for what you think is
right and care about the people
around you. In the end they are
all you have! And don' t hate
other cultures, you might marry
one someday: And life WILL get
better. no you think you are
Forever Alone‘ at age an I
thought I was at we so, and
then at 49, and guess what...
My life turned out great. Did I
do anything exceptional? Maybe
not. But I lived. Thanks for
connected to the w
at age 86,
have 20 more years
headsets while you
need to know:
Love you honey
PS, we follow Reddit and it helps us feel
but we feel we have decades still to
I can' t even imagine being lucky enough to
and now you can even talk to people on
playing who probably wouldn' t believe they got
Headshot by an old woman,
orld still. we are not as active
of this life. we still game,
play: There are children
but they don' t
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