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Mi brother and I bought each one laptop exactly 6 year ago... he bought a mac, I bought an hp with windows vista. Right now, I have windows 7... he was unable to update his OS. During this 6 years, I have had to buy only a new battery from a generic brand. He has had to buy two batteries and a new fan directly from the apple store.

I can clean easily my pc, in my own house, with my tools. He has to take it to an expert every year. Today, my laptops works perfectly fine... the only thing, is that the integrated speakers don't work anymore (that's okey, I use headphones). He's mac can't run videos anymore, because it overheats... he's mac produces a horrible fan noise... it can't be stoped. If he wants to buy a new mac, he would have to pay 16,000 mexican pesos for the cheapest one... If I want a new windows laptop, I would have to pay for the cheapest like 5,000 mexican pesos (400 dollars) (4 RAM, 500 GB Harddrive), but for 16,000 pesos, I could easily buy a very good laptop.

On my point of view: Windows: 5 / Mac: 2 (one point is for beauty)
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he's = his