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#210 - fitchy (01/02/2013) [-]
no...dis some shit...I'mma tell ya what's up bout that engineering and architecture shit...This shit, this shit right here?? this tower of sauron? Tower of sauron is some shit, look at that poor architecture, no stability, although the base is far wider than it's height it's jagged edges act as a mother fucking wind catch A MOTHER FUCKING WIND CATCH shit'd blow over with one of gandalfs motherfucking smoke ships A SMOKE FUCKING SHIP!!! what you know bout that smoke ship?! and you see that tilt on the bottom right?? SHIT TILTS INWARD!!! SHITS SO UNSTABLE! mother fucking retarded ass evil thinkin it knows architecture and engineering 'n' shit NO EVIL....YOU AIN'T KNOW SHIT!!! MOTHERFUCKER GON' TOPPLE NOT EVEN AFTER SAURUMON FALLS OF THAT SHIT SHIT GON' TOPPLE WHEN YOU PASS 100 FEET MOTHER FUCKER! Naw son naw you betta build that shit stocky and plant that fucking eye up top so he can look dead at that fuckin mountain because that's the only shit he gonna see without flling his ass down. NIGGA BITCH ASS EYE OF SAURON DON'T KNOW SHIT!! lotrlogicnigga
User avatar #212 to #210 - fitchy (01/02/2013) [-]
base be far wider than the height allows* rookie ass mistake
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