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#131 - creosote
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(01/02/2013) [-]
Reminds me of this one time when I had invited a friend over. "Sure, I'll be right over. I'll just get my girlfriends mom to drop me off."
Huh well, that's a little weird...
They eventually arrive and she gets out of the car with him and they walk up to me and he asks if she can be over too.
... Scum bag moves ensue.
So since I can't really just tell her to leave or anything, I cave in.
We go into my bed room, and I ask them if they like Ugly Americans "Oh I love that show!" she says.
"You wanna watch it?"
Okay, this is getting a little less awkward. So we sit down on the couch, which is ******* tiny by the way, and his body is right up against mine.
As I'm watching my toons I realize that my friend, who usually never stops talking isn't saying much, so I look over and low and behold, he is sucking on her face.
I slowly turn my head back to face the TV, turn it off, and hall ass out of there.