Mind Blowing.... Chicks doing stuff... theleek.com/2012/12/these-girls-love-doing-activities/. Ili/ harder or Suicide? At the 1994 annual awards dinner given fo Mind Blowing Chicks doing stuff theleek com/2012/12/these-girls-love-doing-activities/ Ili/ harder or Suicide? At the 1994 annual awards dinner given fo
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Mind Blowing...

Ili/ harder or
At the 1994 annual awards dinner given for Forensic Science.
AUFS President Dr Dan Harper Mills astounded his audience
with the taint: complications of a bizarre death. Here is the
I i. can March 23, the medical When confronted with tie murder
1 l, viewed the had]; inuf Reginald opus charge the out man and wile were
i l that he dled from is twill adamant and both said that they
i Shotgun . Mr. timing thought rht. tly: was unloaded. The
I ham mus lap at old we said it was it longstanding habit
I - -building intending to commit suicide. to , his Wilts : sadao
I . . . . shotgun- He had no Intention to
l . He left a note to the effect indicating his . .
I I two
E despondency, her There ore the r was
appeared to be an accident: that is, lithe
his his hill pars. 1 the ninth “DUI his lim W-' 15 gun had been loaded.
tty a passing
m. wtith a w' u' . , "which killed him
inst. aret.. Neither 1. . . the
thie. . striae Ir. ratatatat. wney
bti. er. that ..: tharn' iaith'
wtso. : hrt M. nard Opus would not
Tito continuing investigation turned up a
u. i'] ' who S' attr. itty old couple' s son
loading the shotgun about six weeks prior
to the title!" accident; It transpired that
lady ha». -,t. siut off her son' s
financial support and the son. arrowing
the proned' is_ ity of his_ Eather In use the
shotty. m drfred. , loaded the gun
l .oiva' y . . . expectation that his father
ptfo. sorr. who. "ts. aut tti cia. mihi.. r. iiu. tklt. "since the loader of me gun was were its
and.. v. Pi. mainly saix. ear. tth. . . heith. e. this, "Li, was guilty at the murder onsen
to teaser. , rhf. i. .. . i. y. t.. uay. onthis runner. investigated that this
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