Ancient Facebook. If facebook existed in the old days.... facebook News Feed Top 'thtats " Most Recent E twhat' s on your mind? l Abe Lincoln Going to the theat Galaleo Astronomy The Church Religion Christianity God Jesus

Ancient Facebook

If facebook existed in the old days...

News Feed Top 'thtats " Most Recent E
twhat' s on your mind? l
Abe Lincoln Going to the theater tonight with the missus-.- got private box seats,
1% were ago ' Comment ' Like
do John Wilkes likes this,
Ben Franklin Signed up the declaration of independence today. Bowen.
234 were age , Comment , Like
France likes this,
gly - England ‘Foe done ****** up near.
iitt 25 minutes ago . Like
John Ariana Bring it.
25 minutes ago . Like
Ben Franklin You Ewan don‘ i we a wee.
if 15 minutes ago . Like
Thomas. Hakeem? Mare like DEE ?
S minutes ago . Like
ii' liie' John diegetto sign ? Butthat
5 minutes ago . Like
Ben Franklin So we gathered.
if 2 minutes age . Like
A" J. Ancient Asteroid is hittin' up earth today, if ya know what I mean.
55 million wars age I Comment I Like
35 minutes age . Like
34 minutes age . Like
Earth FM.
30 minutes age . Like
g... . Cockroach “mantra
12 minutes age . Like
Columbia Space Shuttle Wohoohoho passing into the atmosphere on our way
hack to Earth! The homecoming may is gonna be armed
T were ago , Comment I Like
Hearten Carmel .-.uh, guys?
25 minutes ago . Like
Galileo So turns out the earth... goes around the sun. Who knew?
430 were ago . Comment I Like
likes this.
The Charm Masha wut we amid’ he
e 1 hour ago . Like
Galileo Malling- We an : that
57 min tries age . Like
it The CHEN helm rapilight away out it out bro LI’ math ink
t 42 minutes age . Like
Galilee No Fm net, "lure". Want to see my Hui?
36 minutes age . Like
i':. The Chum TERI SHUT YOUR lulk! UTH. tree SHUT IT RIGHT HOW-
ii., 29 min tries age . Like
Charles Darwin Crazy news... looks like all living matures evolved from more
basic forms over millennia.
IE. 1 ream we r Comment r Like
5 'i -to minutes age . Like
F 27 age . Like
5 minutes age . Like
it Julius Cesar My boys pulled together a iii' get together at the ease tonight.
ffi'.' Gonna be killer party.
LE 53 were ago - Comment , Like
Brutus Oh Tit be killer alright.
3 more age . Like
entree when don' t be creepy, dude.
yer 2 hours age . Like
and Hello? Anyone?
33 DD were age (according to The Holy Bible] , Comment , Like
God created Light
O God created the amine Earth
Q God created Adam
God Could do better
1 day we I Like
God created Eve
do God and The Snake Eire this.
f:.'. The Chal' r: h I amine the kid nether.
it ES more age . Like
Adam and Eve created Foriginal sin
The Church lime ***** .
Dort' t want Dad, I use
3 more age . Like
Titanic a pussy lil' meme on my way to NY
98 were age ' Comment - Like
eh Ingeberg ?
it more age . Like
new Yeah sucha, we we hm! HAHAHA
1 hour ago . Like
r 55 minutes ago . Like
l. new are
42 minutes ago . Like
T new ...en we mothertrucker.
M minutes age . Like
I . E minutes age . Like
The Titanic String Quartet T, gran want useto strep playin'?
25 minutes ago . Like
BREE Nope- Ynu' re cumin’ with me.
20 minutes ago . Like
leash: Newton God damned apple fell out of a tree and hit me on the head.
344 were on - Comment ' Like
Irena: Newton Whoa, wait a second-.-
25 minutes ago . Like
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#1 - klaes (12/31/2012) [-]
Oh facebook, you so silly
User avatar #2 - coolcalx (12/31/2012) [-]
ancient facebook? more like ancient retoast.

on another note, goddamn there are a lot of watermarks on here. wasn't this originally done by collegehumor?
#3 - zenbass (01/01/2013) [-]
Caesar was stabbed at the Senate.
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