The Big Bang Theory in a nutshell. . File: 135535591 -( 42 KB, 492x656, 6366( -),jpg) Cl / 12( Sun) Nod? 8498656 Leeward The audience edges up en their seats. T
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The Big Bang Theory in a nutshell

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Cl / 12( Sun) Nod? 8498656
The audience edges up en their seats. They, like all of us, have inherited the trait of pattern recognition frem our primate ancestors. Using this they know the hilarity that awaits them and
prepare their badies accordingly.
Upon hearing Howards response any nervous peeps that may have run through the audience are silenced. Everybody in the room know that the next line will be uttered by none ether
than on earth, Sheldon.
weer shoes are delightful
Laughter breaks em amongst the audience. Ribs shatter, unable to withstand the massive fluctuations in air pressure within the audience' s chest cavities. At its cere this is not truly
laughter, but applause.
Wehere did we get them?
More guttural celebraties is had bythe audience. At least 2 are dead at this point hm asphyxiation-
once again the audience waits fer Sheldon. His glorious they believe will save them all frem eternal damnation and deliver them to the promised land.
I dent care
What happens next can only be described as an eruption. An eruption of happiness, sorrow, and euphoria, but mostly relief. all t# are behind them, that no they have to be patient. For
the festival ofthe chasen one is Upon them. In unison lockstep the swarm the stage. in nothing is left- Howard? Raj? Penny? gene. Only Sheldon remains intact. The audience holds him high above them.
Here he seems to transcend existence itself. His pale skin begins to glow and emit light. Soon he is nothing but allowing white silhouette. Soon his figure is Heating above the badies ofthe audience. Higher and higher
he drifts. His head passes through the studie celing like aghast. As does the rest trf his bedy. until nothing remains. From high above CBS studies he beckons his audience to feller him. Theate start to glow and fgoat
upwards. will create a new kingdom, albeit one not ofthis werld-
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User avatar #1 - bebonkers (12/30/2012) [-]
Big bang theory in a Nutshell

Sheldon: Bazinga
User avatar #6 - deandomino (12/31/2012) [-]
Sheldon: Bazpango!
#5 - neededllama (12/31/2012) [-]
I'm really ******* confused. Where did all this hate come from? I thought it died out months ago. I still watch and enjoy the show.
Also, they don't use bazinga much anymore.
#4 - fefe (12/30/2012) [-]
btw, its filmed with a studio of people ;) its not canned laughter, its genuine.
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