A-B-C S-M-A-L-L T-A-L-K. "S" and "M" have a conversation about the other letters of the alphabet. Got this gem from . lli?, omegle Talk to s omegle funny conversation alphabet lol
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"S" and "M" have a conversation about the other letters of the alphabet. Got this gem from You need to login to view this link

lli?, omegle Talk to strangers'.
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Stranger: Hey
You: hi
Stranger: M here
You: GUCCI to meet you M. How is bl'?
Stranger: He' s great :)
You: Is Cl ck? I know he had that operation.
Stranger: Yea the operation was a success
You: cm good his sis ID was so worried. Does he have
that new nose?
Stranger: Yeah he also got a new dick I think
You: Wow! I' m sure V will like to hearth's i)
Stranger: cm yeah but she' s got some competition cuz
I think X likes him also
You: That bitch she knows B' s got a thing for her!
Stranger: Yeah she' s kinda messes up in the mind
You: Ever since that incident with D L and H. So sad
Stranger: Yeah I know that day sucked
You: I' m glad P was on the scene. I really don' t
understand how H got that giant robot.
Stranger: Yeah I think that I knew a guy that hooked
him up
You: ex. How could he betray me?
Stranger: Idk he' s a man whore
You: Well i have found comfort in Y. He loves me
gentally unlike Z.
Stranger: Good for you :) I' m still going for a........
You: Yeah, A is such a prude. You know G was going
for it and Must shut him down.
Stranger: Yeah she' s really hot the
You: Yeah but she' s always wide open. You' d think J
would just do it already.
Stranger: Yeah I know she' s gotta problem
You: Just like U. She is such a slut sleeping with E and
Stranger: Yeah didnt she sleep with d also?
You: cm yeah. Little d was no more than 6 at the time.
Stranger: Wow that' s sad
You: T was around though he straighten her out really
Stranger: That' s good
You: But anyways how are you and W doing?
Stranger: were
You: Isn' t kinda weird when you 69 though?
Stranger: Yeah it' s even weirder when we 96
You: cm thats just shudder inducing. That must get
confusing sometimes huh?
Stranger: Yeah it' s so weird!
You: Well me and Y have a healthy sex life. I hope you
and W work things out
Stranger: This is the dumbest conversation I' ever
had haha
You: I guess so omegle conversations worthy?
Stranger: Hash yeah
You: Well see you later M. cm btw I' m s
You have disconnected.
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Submitted: 12/29/2012
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