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(12/28/2012) [-]
I will waste as little of my time as possible OP, and readers.

Only bitches like assholes. Nice girls like nice guys. Good girls who go for bad boys only go for them because on the outside they pretend to be angels, and on the inside they want to be wild. And 'good guys' who go for bitches only go for the bitches because of things they don't act on.

A genuinely good woman is attracted to a genuinely good man, and visa verse. I'm with my girlfriend because I was assertive and straight up. I told her I could really use a cuddle buddy, and that I was going through some crap. She wanted the same thing. We both said we weren't looking for relationships due to our plans, and now both of our plans are changing due to life, and we're okay with accepting that it's a good idea to be together. Simple as that. Go with the flow. Live life, and take charge. I wouldn't be with her if I wasn't confident about her being okay with cuddling with me. I wouldn't be with her if I didn't decide to kiss her on the cheek.

Now, sure, I could have screwed myself over and done that at the wrong time, but if I never did it I would still be wondering. If you wait too long, sometimes you lose the moment.

Carpe diem. Seize the fish.
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(12/28/2012) [-]
Dis mother ****** couldn't be more right. thumb for you sir!

Take charge like a man and let them know what you want upfront so neither party gets confused
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Pretty much. If you want sex, this is the appropriate way to act. It's why people are lewd in bars. Just be upfront. Women like confidence and men willing to take charge. Simple stuff.
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(12/28/2012) [-]

I've seen a few friends try the "I'm just going to be there for her and see what happens" approach. Never works. I kinda feel sorry for them but at the same time the girl they are talking to probably thinks he isn't interested and BAM, there's the problem.
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Hell, I've been that guy plenty of times. Reason I'm with my girlfriend is because I told her that even if she didn't like me back, I'd still care for her. I was just open and upfront. In relationships, you don't play with your cards to your chest. It's about being open with people, why be secretive about it?