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#72 - foelkera
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(12/27/2012) [-]
Maybe the little kid could just get a paper route or a lemonade stand so he could buy his own damn boxes
User avatar #294 to #72 - patgood
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(12/28/2012) [-]
... I think one link was enough
User avatar #130 to #72 - robertolee
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(12/27/2012) [-]
Is that what people literally think socialism is? I think your view may have been seriously warped by someone or something. Also if someone called you mean-spirited, racist and bigoted for working hard for a living then they truly are retarded but that is not the liberal view. Also Liberal and left wing are not interchangeable terms so don't use them as such. Socialism (in my view) is the idea of everyone having a equal start in life regardless of background, I want people all over the world to have the amazing opportunities I've had with education and in my general life. Socialism is not about taking peoples money forcefully, you should pay tax anyway because its a social responsibility, its about distributing wealth among those who need it most so that they can have the same opportunities we have had from birth.

To sum it up really I'm a socialist because I want society to improve as a whole, not just a small minority who have had an advantage in life. I have had this advantage and I feel it is unfair to the people who haven't had the same opportunities.