No girls on the internet. Lest some attention whore decides to bitch me out on the masogynistic basis-I am a female and I approve of this post.. File: KB, , Ind
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No girls on the internet

Lest some attention whore decides to bitch me out on the masogynistic basis-I am a female and I approve of this post.

File: KB, , Indeed Eat **** . jpg}
If i can pontificate a bit, fer , ene trf the rules trf the Internet is "there are girls en the Internet". This rule does net mean what yeu think it means.
In real life, peeple like yeu fer being a girl. They want **** yeu, they pay attention yeu and they pretend what yeu have say is interesting, er that yeu are smart er clever. On
the Internet, we dent have the chance **** yeu. This means the advantage trf being a "girl" does net exist. "mu dent get a ben us conversating just because I' d like put my
beek in yeu.
When yeu make a pest like, "hurrdurr, I' m a girl" yeu are begging fer attention. The anly Ewen pest it is because yeu want back, because yeu are tee tepid and
tee stupid er say anything interesting without it. "mu are forgetting the rules, there are girls en the Intenet.
The ene exception this rule, the ene way yeu can get year" girlness" back en the Internet, is pest beertits. This is, and sheild be, degrading fer yeu, an admission that the anly interesting thing
abaut yeu is yew naked bemy.
tits er GET THE **** OUT.
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Submitted: 12/24/2012
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User avatar #1 - yunogasaii (12/24/2012) [-]
"Do you want to know why people started with the "tits or gtfo" thing? On the internet, everyone can be anonymous, and was/is one of the big sell points of 4chan, especially /b/ loved that. If everyone was anonymous, and no one had any identity at all, everyone was equal to eachother (with the exception of mods).

Girls started to say "hai gais, Im a gurrl here 2" to get attention and differentiate themselves from the crowd. They didn't get that extra attention that they get in real life. The community there wouldn't have any of it, so they immediatly asked for proof of being a girl, and for "tits".

What they did was to humiliate anyone who tried to stand out for something they were born into. If the girls had just stayed quiet about their own gender, no one would have noticed and no one would have cared. Same goes race, age or social status. If you want to be recognized on the internet, let it be for who you are, not for what you were born." - anon
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