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Benito the Sexy Vampire
a teen vampire story
by Mitt Romney
There' s a slightly rightyking new boy in
and he has everybody balloting.
Stunningly Tender and devastatingly Moist,
all the boys want him. However, Benito
Mussolini has a secret - he' s a Juden
Adolf Hitler is a So ******* beast, Strong boy
who enjoys Imposing mass genocide. He
becomes Fascinated by Benito who can stop
Heavy weapons guy with his bare hands. He
doesn' t understand why he' s so .
His bestfriend, an Filthy American called Hirohito, helps
Adolf begin to piece together the puzzle., Together, they discover
the ultimate weapon - the Nat a shower, moist Heavy Weapons
Guy' s heavy weapon.
when bodies start turning up all over Warsaw, Adolf begins to fear
the worst. The Filthy American urges her to report Benito to the
police and he knows he should, so what' s stopping him?
He may resist Chenito' s bite, but can he resist his charms?
Will he be caught Preventing people from telling Dewey the truth
about Santa with the vampire?
Praise For Benito the Sexy Vampire
Bursting with originality. A So ******* beast boy Falling for a
Tender vampire has simply never been done before,"
The Daily Tale
About as moving as a cow stuck: in a bog, but Eremite ' exy
Vampire does deliver an important message about not having a
Filthy American for a Friend."
A Not a shower, moist Heavy Weapons Guy' s heavy weapon would
be my first choice too., This must be based on a true story, you
couldn' t make this stuff up!"
Hit the Sgood
I could do better."
Joesph Stalin
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Submitted: 12/21/2012
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#1 - DingoJ (12/21/2012) [-]
>"moist heavy weapon guy's heavy weapon"
>"moist heavy weapon guy's heavy weapon"
#2 - anonymous (12/21/2012) [-]
Mitt Romney is a Burley, Masculine and Charming President of The US from Nevada. His life is going nowhere until he meets Barack Obama, a Hairy, Nubile man with a passion for Big Veiny Cocks.

Mitt takes an instant disliking to Barack and the Evil and Decietful ways he learnt during his years in Hawaii.

However, when a Cunt tries to Impeach Mitt , Barack springs to the rescue. Mitt begins to notices that Barack is actually rather Kind at heart.

But, the pressures of Barack's job as a Businessman leave him blind to Mitt 's affections and Mitt takes up Tax Cuts to try an distract himself.

Finally, when Perfidious Whore, Michele Obama, threatens to come between them, Barack has to act fast. But will they ever find the Hot Steamy love that they deserve?
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