Faith In Humanity Restored(Read Desc.). "A group of other "Angels" and their leather clad brethren formed a human chain along the road in Woodbur
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Faith In Humanity Restored(Read Desc.)

"A group of other "Angels" and their leather clad brethren formed a human chain along the road in Woodbury to protect the mourners at Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung's services today alongside firefighters and town's folk. It worked, the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church) stood down. "

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Submitted: 12/20/2012
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#503 - anonymous (01/16/2013) [-]
User avatar #497 - bigmacintoshh (12/23/2012) [-]
#493 - memustardo (12/21/2012) [-]
They went to the library for books.

But all they got were magazines.
User avatar #490 - amateriandarknut (12/21/2012) [-]
Not that I'm doubting this, but can I see the source for this? I want to read more into this story.
#487 - violentk (12/21/2012) [-]
Shooting you said?
Shooting you said?
#480 - rza (12/21/2012) [-]
The reason I don't go to church is because my pastor is a prejudice ****** who is homophobic and stereotypes others.
#478 - skinless (12/21/2012) [-]
is this group of "angels" the hells angels?
User avatar #485 to #478 - DrSalvador (12/21/2012) [-]
I'd love to hear if it was BACA, an anti-child abuse group my dad rides for.
Not that this was child abuse, but it involves children.
#477 - thebaest **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #476 - ejaculation (12/21/2012) [-]
WBC is probably the closest thing you get to ****
User avatar #482 to #476 - Kimy (12/21/2012) [-]
They don't have the depth or the warmth
User avatar #504 to #483 - dieterkaiser (09/25/2013) [-]
what exactly is this gif from? I know the face is babby, but what's the rest?
#475 - lonelyboy (12/21/2012) [-]
"Take one and pass them along."
#474 - caplocker (12/21/2012) [-]
I really wish, I mean it, **** the haters, I wish that someone would snap on the westburo people and off every one of them except Shirley, and when she's attending each funeral we could all stand outside and lol at her.
User avatar #472 - rainbowdashmlp (12/21/2012) [-]
I'm pretty sure that along with Hell's Angels, the KKK stood against WBC. When the KKK is on the morally high ground, you better rethink your goddamn cause.
#471 - anonymous (12/21/2012) [-]
so the WBC did show up to this one? just backed down?
#469 - mrsafmafra (12/21/2012) [-]
It's beautiful..
It's beautiful..
#464 - beastingb (12/21/2012) [-]
The thing is also this biker group is the hell's angels biker gang and they did this knowing that they could possibly be arrested for gang affiliation
#461 - anonymous (12/21/2012) [-]
Because I have apparently been living under a rock, can someone explain to me what the hell has Westboro Baptist Church have to do with this and why would they want to intervene?
User avatar #468 to #461 - knifegun (12/21/2012) [-]
WBC want to picket their funerals.
#467 to #461 - winniedawho (12/21/2012) [-]
> gunner went crazy
> children kill

> State allows gay marriage
> God got angry
> God sent an angel on earth
> angel killed INNOCENT children
> angel a hero
> children bad
> statesmen go hell
> we protest on ur funerals
> we good people

ergo, they tried on protesting on the funerals (yeahm major wtf) but stopped by logical people.
User avatar #465 to #461 - queefhaterz (12/21/2012) [-]
they are a group of ***** that find it fun to protest the funerals of dead soldiers, and were planing on protesting the mass killing of the children involved with the sandy hook killing.
here is a link to their website;
h t t p://w ww. god hates fags . c o m
User avatar #457 - amateriandarknut (12/21/2012) [-]
As a real Christian, I applaud these people for managing to peacefully (and therefore staying out of the law's harm) prevent the monsters from Westboro from committing an incredibly disgraceful act against innocent victims of a tragic event.

I hope that, in the future, we can expect to see more counter-protest against these sad people.
User avatar #445 - imabser (12/21/2012) [-]
OMG one church is being a bunch of intolerant ******** ?!?! Maybe the whole nation should care.
#470 to #445 - winniedawho (12/21/2012) [-]
OMG one emperor is being an intolerant ******* ?!?! Maybe the whole universe should care.
#459 to #445 - anonymous (12/21/2012) [-]
OMG one political party is telling everyone jews should be killed? Maybe the whole world should care!

I hope my sarcasm is being detected! It'd be much better if we did nothing guis
User avatar #447 to #445 - sorrowofdaedalus (12/21/2012) [-]
Yeah, maybe they should.
User avatar #449 to #447 - imabser (12/21/2012) [-]
I'm just saying theres been like 20 frontpage posts about this **** when we could actually be laughing at something funny.
User avatar #450 to #449 - sorrowofdaedalus (12/21/2012) [-]
Well, maybe because it's kind of a horribly immoral thing to do, and misleading name aside, Funnyjunk is a source of more than just funny posts.
User avatar #451 to #450 - imabser (12/21/2012) [-]
I'm not riding this bandwagon.
User avatar #453 to #451 - sorrowofdaedalus (12/21/2012) [-]
Well, neither am I. I -actually- feel that it is a bad thing to do. I would regardless of other folks opinions on the matter.
#455 to #453 - pyronic (12/21/2012) [-]
This guy. i like you. your words are coo.   
have a gif.
This guy. i like you. your words are coo.

have a gif.
User avatar #454 to #453 - imabser (12/21/2012) [-]
#444 - meadowsmabelll (12/21/2012) [-]
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#458 to #444 - xenoquack (12/21/2012) [-]
Use this.
User avatar #481 to #458 - amateriandarknut (12/21/2012) [-]
I'd rather see Westboro use that, honestly.
User avatar #486 to #481 - xenoquack (12/21/2012) [-]
That's good too.
#462 to #458 - macrohunter (12/21/2012) [-]
Here, have a modern version, courtesy of Shur-Fine Guns.
User avatar #452 to #444 - obeytheneigh (12/21/2012) [-]
Your roomate's sister's a whore.
#443 - anonymous (12/21/2012) [-]
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