pee truck. the glory, the REVENGE. this is my true story, i hope you enjoy it.. Hello Fl‘. Well, I' m back with another hilarious story‘. And just like my last,
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pee truck. the glory, the REVENGE

this is my true story, i hope you enjoy it.

Hello Fl‘.
Well, I' m back with another hilarious story‘. And
just like my last, it' s fueled from pure spite and
malignant Intensley you havent read my last
stony, check it out, made front page a while ago.
so Here' s how it goes, I just recently bought a
new truck and was looking to sell my old one.
after carious craigslist postings, ifound a buyers I
told him everything there was about the truck,
the carious damages, what does and doesn' t
work, yada yada yada. well, it turns out he wants
it for a ranch truck, so I agree to meet him in
paradise, which turned out to be a nearly 3 hour
drite, down an Icy mountain road, pulling a 3
ton truck, behind my nearly Identical truck. We
had agreed on (hoo, plus (doo for delivery. I
E' u. arive at our meeting place, a local mcdonalds,
and then shortly afterwards he arrises, in his
brand novv( sstill no license plates} BMW .
e'en after our agreement, he only wanted to
pay (hoo, and didn' t mention anything about
my delivery fee. Now normally, iwould' ye
told him with all due respect, to eat a dick. but
I was in a tight place, and literally did not have
enough money to get back home. so after
some back and forth, I agreed. Then the Icing
on the cake, this man has the tenacity to pull
out a literal, unopened bank stack of (doo
bills. its you could Imagine, this adds to my
dismay. He shortly leaves to get his son to
drive it home, and Iget in my truck when I
then realized, after 2 monsters, an arizona tea;
and a large drink from jack in the box, thati
had to pee. I start walking towards mcdonalds
when igot a clever Idea and a devilish smirk.
the back window of the recently sold truck,
did not have a lock. so in the middle of the
mcdonalds parking lot, I climbed into the bed
of the truck, wedged open the window,
unzipped my fly, and let loose, what had to
have been the most , neon yellow,
garden hose stream, steaming piss into the
truck. the glory of such a rewarding piss,
splashing upon seats, onto the
center console, the driver seat, and as close as
I could reach to the stereo, was pricelss. I got
into my truck, smiling, and had the happiest 2
hour drive home of my life. while I still feel
like i' ye been shorted out of money rightfully
mine, I must say, that was the most rewarding
ttoo piss i' ye overtaken.
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Submitted: 12/20/2012
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**** head had it coming
#1 - ayenon (12/21/2012) [-]
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