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#26 - Orangewo (12/20/2012) [-]
so sad that it's being released in to parts.
so sad that it's being released in to parts.
#30 to #26 - awesomenesss (12/20/2012) [-]
I for one, am not mad about it. It means we get more Hobbit. Plus I think Smaug deserves his own movie anyway because 1. Dragons. and 2. He's voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch.
User avatar #29 to #26 - vortexrain (12/20/2012) [-]
Three parts.
User avatar #31 to #29 - ader (12/20/2012) [-]
Technically three. If I recall, The Hobbit itself is in two, and the third is just kinda connecting The Hobbit to LOTR, or doing some of Tolkien's other books with Middle Earth or something of the like.
User avatar #52 to #31 - shunketsu (12/20/2012) [-]
The Hobbit will get 3 movies: An unexpected journey, which is the one out atm, The Desolation of Smaug will be released in december next year and There and Back again will be released summer 2014
User avatar #112 to #52 - ader (12/20/2012) [-]
ah.. good to know
User avatar #32 to #31 - justinsane (12/20/2012) [-]
I think he means that its being released into parts, as in in separate parts. as opposed to being released in two parts
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