Faith Restored (Fixed). I edited to add sources. My original: Sources:

Faith Restored (Fixed)

Westborro Baptist Church l
Plans to Picket Sandyhook I
Wrath of Anonymous
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Thanks to those people.
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Submitted: 12/19/2012
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#1 - anonymous (12/19/2012) [+] (2 replies)
i admit that is wrong of the church to do that but come on not a christians are self worshiping jerks so what if we believe in god let us its not your damn business to say other why cant we all just get along?
User avatar #2 to #1 - brigettasandra (12/19/2012) [-]
What? Some of your comment was unintelligible. WBC are the ones trying to say otherwise concerning the beliefs of the people whose funerals they attend. I'm not saying they should be forbidden from believing what they want. That's not my intent. I don't care what they believe, it's not my problem. But they shouldn't harass other people to such an extent that imposes upon others' beliefs.
#4 - graysonschultz (12/19/2012) [+] (1 reply)
am i the only one who sees absolutely no ******* reason why their protesting the kids funerals?
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