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not sure if childhood ruined or enhanced........

There’: I scene In fitr' t" " tln where Game cells. Aladdin’: elegies in he century." '. as
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This means that . actually takes place in the FUTURE. in at least Al]. The medie
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The thing: called . Tlh are actually just some of the technological mantel: left behind by
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can . human speech instead all just mimicking It.
Here else melt! the Genie in -at eerie . like Erea: Menu.
cie? cs# ail
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User avatar #9 - Bminogue (12/19/2012) [+] (1 reply)
They fly past the sphinx's nose getting broken off... You cant explain that
User avatar #15 to #9 - thegrimreaver (12/19/2012) [-]
"Alright guys, we're going to rebuild the Sphinx, but make sure that you don't break the nose again."
*some time later*
"God ******* dammit, Habib. You had one ******* job!"
User avatar #13 - aldheim (12/19/2012) [+] (2 replies)
>Implying the genie was referring to the 3rd century AD
User avatar #8 - RAWRomnomnom (12/19/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Out of curiosity, the **** was the point of the face and turning it into a demotivational poster?
User avatar #17 - tehcashew (12/19/2012) [+] (1 reply)
implying a genie cannot visit the past or future at will
#2 - Shaleros (12/19/2012) [-]
Well then.... TO THE FRONT PAGE!
Well then.... TO THE FRONT PAGE!
#25 - owmowmow (12/20/2012) [-]
wait wuthgoslbnlsbnslikbj am n;bahb;kjbn;kjb
wait wuthgoslbnlsbnslikbj am n;bahb;kjbn;kjb
#24 - chthulhu (12/20/2012) [-]
Also, the genie is that guy at the beginning who tries to sell the viewer the lamp.

At the end of Aladdin, Aladdin uses his last wish to free the genie from the lamp. Direct to VHS movies aside, who says that, when freed from the lamp, the genie got to keep all his awesome powers? What says that, after flying off into the distance in the end, he didn't flop down into the desert sand, powerless and mortal?

Now, at the beginning of the movie the merchant on the left is trying to sell you said lamp, which the genie took with him while flying off. He attempts to do so by telling you the events of the movie. However, during the course of the movie, the merchant is never seen. If he was never there, how can he possibly know the whole story that lead to the genie's freedom.

Also, the two character's are very similar. Both wear blue with a red band around the waist, have a curly beard.

To seal the ******* deal, both are voiced by Robin Williams
#23 - verlander (12/20/2012) [-]
Or It's just a cartoon...
#19 - sherbaderb (12/20/2012) [-]
It's a children's movie....
User avatar #12 - hackrobotman ONLINE (12/19/2012) [-]
A.D. 201-300 was the 3rd century.
User avatar #7 - mcmanybucks (12/19/2012) [-]
Hes a Genie, whos to say time travel is a no-go?
User avatar #6 - limeztheawesome (12/19/2012) [+] (3 replies)
But what you fail to realize is that before A.D. came B.C. in years. Therefore, Aladin is still in the past, in roughly 300 A.D.

300 A.D. would be the 3rd century.
User avatar #3 - carlitosyo (12/19/2012) [-]
repost. moving on...
User avatar #1 - matriculator (12/19/2012) [+] (5 replies)
This is retarded. 3rd century would be referring to 200AD, which was about 1800 years ago.
#16 to #1 - roadkillamanjaro **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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