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User avatar #150 - jakemakefunny (12/19/2012) [-]
Am I being incredibly dense, or is Idaho occupying "32%" of the states...?
User avatar #153 to #150 - dirtywave (12/19/2012) [-]
if we'd put a piece of coal between your cheeks. bla bla bla.

7785 people voted altogether. that should do as a clue. ;)
User avatar #152 to #150 - rhiaanor (12/19/2012) [-]
I dont htink so, because the other states just WON in being afraid of gorillas, doesnt mean they dont have people saying they arent.
User avatar #155 to #152 - jakemakefunny (12/19/2012) [-]
Ah yes this makes sense, density it was. Thanks man :)
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