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This recently happened in my neighborhood. Drug dealers have been becoming ballsy and doing deals all the time near my house because no one's been caught yet. Because everyone is doing it, the drug dealers are known as "soft" by most of the neighborhood. The typical sentiment is that they are just dealing pot and they think they are cool, hardened criminals.

Well one man witnessed a drug deal and started dialing 911. The one dealer pulled out a gun and said "you best get lost, little man!" He replied by saying "You're a drug dealer, not a murderer. Get out of here before the police arrive." 5 shots were fired and the man was left to recover in the hospital after being shot in the chest. He still called the police and when interviewed about it, he said "They still aren't murderers. They're just bullies with poor aim and trigger discipline."

Had he died, I believe the autopsy would find him to have balls of steel.
#56 to #38 - kuroda
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Balls of steel? Just imagine if that man had finished his last portion of gum.