Hold up man. . gr .rep. HIM] Ill’ MAN I GM THREE AYERS or SWAG
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#3 - radtroll ONLINE (12/15/2012) [-]
I don't give a **** if you were black, white, or purple
if you do that. you are Stupid, no it's not stylish, it's just pure stupid.

as far as I know, it started as a form of protest to a law banning prisoners from wearing belts because they were used as weapons. the prisoners lets their pants sag as a sign of anger, and to offend the guards. most ******* ( ****** wanna be white boys included) today have no idea what the hell are they doing and think this is nice, while they are imitating a bunch of ignorant people they watch on TV mindlessly. That's what the "man" wants you to do, stay dumb and follow, so please black people, don't do that, it will only fuel racist haters to keep you socially inferior.
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#6 to #5 - John Cena (12/15/2012) [-]
You're all ******* brainwashed, it comes from the ghetto when kids cant get new jeans and dont wanna wear some gay ass high wadders.
User avatar #2 - slowyourtroll (12/15/2012) [-]
i go to that school.
#1 - mltex (12/14/2012) [-]
You may have a thumb considering that I love this picture.

By that I am inferring that I've seen this before, and that it is indeed a repost.

Nevertheless, have a nice day/night depending on where ever the **** you are.
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