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okay this happend recently to me in skyrim. I was playing my dark elf stealth character doing the goldenglow estate mission for the thieves guild. I swim and sneak up to the back entrance and just i was about to pick the door,suddenly my indicator said the i was detected. I look around and find a chicken behind me i dismiss it and turn back to the door. Then i hear "ILL BURY YOUUU!!!" and swing around. I see three guards running in my direction one with a war hammer in front. I prepare to fend them off when they all run past me and brutally slaughter the chicken in cold blood. The one with the war hammer turns and looks directly at me. He and his buddies then leisurely stroll away. I have never been to Riften since...
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Plot twist: they were black.
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Chicken? CHICKEN!!!!!


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Thank you friend.
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Riften...not even once :P
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