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#45 - lillbeets
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(12/15/2012) [-]
HEY YOU! YES YOU WITH THE FACE! Have you ever wanted to be on the front page! Well today is YOUR lucky day! Because i'm here to tell you how! Ready?! I SAID ARE YOU READY!!! Okay!
Step one: Take picture of a cat
Step two: Add caption! *IMPORTANT* - Must replace the letter S with Z
- e.g. I can haz front page
Step three: Upload that ****!
Step four: THERE IS NO STEP FOUR! WHY NO STEP FOUR YOU ASK? WHY?! ILL TELL YOU WHY! Because your siwwy wittle pussy is now quickly approaching that number one spot you've been waiting for! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! I KNEW YOU COULD! Now go my young padawan. You have learned all there is to know. GO! formorelessonsoftheinternetcall1203234823orgotowww.******************.comthatsst ****************.commaycauseredthumbs