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Kim Jong voted Time' s Person of the Year by
By Dylan Shakleford, ‘Wheel News The - 11 hours we
Kim Jang is Time' s sets Person of the Year,
That is, according to the magazine' s online
readers, who those the North Ewan leader
ever the likes of President Barack Obama,
Olympic geld medalist Gabrielle Douglas, New
J use? Gav. Chris Christie and "Daily Shav"
hast Jon Stewart in an inline vets.
It mean Kim will be named Time' s
official Pawn of the Year when the ehehee is
revealed en the "Today" show en Dee.
haner is ; the editors. It just means
the son of the late Kim Mug received 5. 6
million ‘antes in Time' s admittedly "completely
unscientific" reader poll.
While we dent make em selection hazed en the
pd] results," Time executive editer new
J enes noted in the blog pest that annointed the
winners, "it' s always interesting see where
seme of em preferred candidates end up."
As has been the case in previous years, users of , an Internet forum, launched a to
manipulate the poll, pushing North Korea* s supreme leader to the top of the list, according to the
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