Truth on Feninism (Enlarge). sub for more funnys. we' re empowered! Watch out, world! ( womyn' s rights now! Why are you Spa "women" Don' t you chinkshit' s a l Truth on Feninism (Enlarge) sub for more funnys we' re empowered! Watch out world! ( womyn' s rights now! Why are you Spa "women" Don' t chinkshit' a l
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Truth on Feninism (Enlarge)

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Truth on Feninism (Enlarge). sub for more funnys. we' re empowered! Watch out, world! ( womyn' s rights now! Why are you Spa "women" Don' t you chinkshit' s a l

sub for more funnys

we' re empowered!
Watch out, world! (
womyn' s rights now!
Why are you
Spa "women"
Don' t you chinkshit' s a little
counterproductive? you' re
hating male supporters of
female equality by trea _
them like the enemy.
we' re rack surrender by
separating ourselves from the
l gynophobia patriarchy that you
Hold on, now, I don' t think
y that' s sexist. In fact-
strong MAN to tell us
l what' s sexist? Won' t think
Stop! Look what you' re doing! Not only are you
r forcing negative stereotypes about
rem ISIS, but you' re implying that men can' t
cont bute val
yourself from half the popul
an atmosphere hostile to them, you' re ensuring
that your ideas w forever remain on the
outskirts of society. in short, you' re
margin yourselfes.
belong to. Bigoted womanbeater!
Now you' re just insulting me. you' re preventing intelligent
discourse by rem to have an open mind about my op ons.
Treating others with deli on and contempt don' t
dly agree with you n' t the way to convince people of your
cause. it has the opposite effect.
ts .e "you' re onlyafro st I' had enough ofyou
because you' re ugly Ayah would call me a Us .
misogynist or an an feminist. Can' t you see We' re heading backto
tcs',' , " how you' re working aga st yourselves? MM‘ our women' s studies
you' re only saying y
that because you
can' t get laid!
M n I be
l around Reminded
C) people who aren' t was
Doesn' t the very notion of separate
women' s" studies undermine your core
b ? it imp es that all the other
science, business, and so
men, w wwomen require
special courses ta red esspecially for them.
And what' s worse, the courses foster an
insular environment where eberyone parrots
feminist talking points rather than
bisecting and CH Aquino ideas.
Mare and
zoological rubbish
Fuck you, buddy. This is a
perfect example of male
societal try
pose your muscular,
thinking denden ies
l upon those of us stan mg up
s ights.
Alright, you bitch, I was trying to be nice, but have it your way.
You are the single greatest enemy that feminism has. you. Not the evil patriarchy or the misogynists or or whatever terms you want to
throw out there to prove your sation at the hands of a culture that celebrates fem and exalt; womanhood. YOU, you dumbfuck.
This entire conversation has proven once again that a MAN is more intellectual, more sophos mated, and more of an BETTER PERSON than you. You sit up
there in your ivory tower, surrounded by rug munchers and weaker ed whiteknights, and they act as nothing more than yeshmin land newswomen). No one ever
challenges your ideas, no one ever disagrees with you, no one ever tells you that you' re WRONG. You have this idea that you' re the shining beacon of gender
equality amidst the storm of pa rally, but thetruth couldn' t be farther from
See, you want all the cultural pr ages of being a woman without any the cultural respons es. When a man takes you out to dinner, who pays? When a man
drops you off at home, who opens the car door for you? When you need furniture moved around, who do you expel: to help out? That' s ht, that
oppressive one with money, manners, and muscles, all at your beck and call. And he does it because he LIKES you, not because he' s seeking some sort of
genderbended equal libation of resources. He' s doing it just because.
But you couldn' t dothat. no w h you 's always about your big, bleeding vagina. There' s no shutting you off. You constantly whine and bitch and moan about
how so 'ety doesn' t treat you _ ht. And then, as the cherry on top of a bullshit sundae, you treat men e crap. You stereotype us and you mock us, and that' s a-
okay. Bu I a MAN dares to speak up against that or if he challenges any of your stupid, ideas, you throw a tantrum. You descend WI h
harpy shr ks of "MISOGYNIST!" and "!" and "BIGOT!" and all the other fucktarted buzzwords you throw around as a smokescreen to prevent real,
honest discussion about feminism to take place. And you know why you dothat? Because, deep down, you know that your ideas are so fundamentally skewed, so
far removed from re , so rooted in bats isanity that they would be dismissed offbrand by anyone with two Fund braincells.
Well, guess what, you bulldoze cunt? That s doesn' t fly the real world. outsider's bubble of academia and fem
see you for what you are: a bunch of unhinged minim s with a y m complex.
groups, eberyone' s laughing at you. They
So go ahead and fuck right off. Maybe you should fight as hard for equal draft as you dolor equal pay.
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#2 - Carthusia
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(12/13/2012) [-]
well put OP
User avatar #5 - fgtometer
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(12/14/2012) [-]
I was with you until the last panel where you became exactly what you were accused of being.
User avatar #4 - krayon
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(12/14/2012) [-]
**krayon rolled user grapefruitengineer ** *roll picture* *roll 9*
User avatar #3 - divinedrgn
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(12/13/2012) [-]
I wasn't going to read it at first, but then I saw Carthusia's comment and I thought that it might be worth taking a look at. So I did and you made some great points against the stereotypical feminazi types out there.
User avatar #1 - theflamingfire
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(12/13/2012) [-]
To long did not read