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#455 - anonymous (12/14/2012) [-]
I used to play. Too much in fact, I spent the first six years after WoW was released wasting my life on it, quit right before Cata, then got back in long enough to get a Pally to 85, a Rogue to 85, a DK to 81, a Shamy to 50, then quit because Cata didn't appeal to me to much, the PVP was fun, but got boring, then I couldn't do the PvE because the gear was totally different for the two worlds. I haven't played MoP, because my friends say it isn't worth it.

I can ramble about WoW as well.

#463 to #455 - anonymous (12/14/2012) [-]
duude same! except I started in bc and quit near the end of cata finally. I leveled..1 80 to 85 at the start of cata, and then 5 fresh characters to 85.. I always feel so ashamed, but I never got into raiding etc. so it wasn't more time than anyone else....
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