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User avatar #193 - martialnorris
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(12/12/2012) [-]
5. Why? You expect me to trust you!? I don't ******* know you so tell me idiot!
7. Thank you, I can do math. At my theater it does save you a bit. believe me
8. .... Wut? In 13 popcorn stays for 2 days. And in this one for a month?
12. You don't say.jpg
#196 to #193 - vparrish
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(12/12/2012) [-]
With number 8 he's talking about the marketing scam where people will rename the size of an object to get more sales. He's saying what used to be a medium is now called a small. Many companys do this.
User avatar #198 to #196 - martialnorris
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(12/12/2012) [-]
ooooh.. now I get it. Still I think I'd recognized is all of sudden the box sizes changed ( I'm nto often in the theater but it's pretty obvious) so still I cal BS
#200 to #198 - vparrish
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(12/12/2012) [-]
Maybe, but you'd be surprised how many people fall for this. Ben and jerry's has started doing this and has significantly increased their sales because of it. A single scoop used to be a small. Now they have invented a new size called a kids that is a single scoop and a small is 2, then they adjust the price accordingly. No one thinks about their being something besides a small and so they just end up buying a more expensive product than they wanted.