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#183 - anon
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(12/12/2012) [-]
I work at Scandinavia's biggest cinema... And **** you... this **** is not true, most of it is, the time and sweeping yes... but the popcorn aroma and we keep old popcorn? That **** is for *******, we make them fresh every ******* hour so your complaing ass dont come "hurr durr my popcorn aint fresh" bitch you better shut your ******* face before I smack you.

And the menu, yeah you save alot of money, 30 (medium soda) x 2 + 55 (biggest popcorn) +(28) a pack of sweets = 90 as a menu, but 148.. So **** you again

And yeah, we know all your dumb tricks for sneaking in, but we could not give less a ****. Want to know why? Because we get paid, and dont loose money over your sorry ass

So look into your **** before talking about it. And yeah, some cinemas does this, but they are for *******
User avatar #188 to #183 - huntergriff
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(12/12/2012) [-]
Really? so i could just go movie hopping and no one will give a ****? **** yeah, movies.