Freaking John.... Why you so silly John?. So about 30 minutes ago I left for Burger King, and i pulled out of my neighborhood behind this brown jeep. The licens
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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

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Freaking John...

Why you so silly John?

So about 30 minutes ago I left for Burger King, and i pulled out of
my neighborhood behind this brown jeep. The license plate read
this is important, remember this) and it had a tire
cover with a smiley face. I followed it all the way to " by
coincidence, but as I neared BK I tool: a wrong turn at the last
second and followed the same guy into a residential area by
I flipped at upturn and went to Bill. I ordered my food and when I
pulled out of the parking lot, guess who was in front of me?
Same. Freakin. Guy. I followed him all the way back home, purely
by coincidence... again, are when I got to the last stop light, right
next to my place, he stopped, then I pulled up in the lane nexter
him. He then rolled his windows down (Mine was already down)
and looked at me really angrily, He then said:
Why are you following me, bro? Just leave me alone!“
And i said:
We know who you are and what you‘ ye done. I' d watch my ass WI
The guy' s eyes got bigger than dinner Mates, and hearst ran the
red light, going almost in a 45. I laughed the rest of the
way home.
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Submitted: 12/10/2012
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#2 - yourfav (12/10/2012) [-]
i dont give a lot of thumbs but this guy
#3 - numbersixtyseven **User deleted account** (12/10/2012) [-]
Don't know if this is true or not, but don't really care either. This is by far the funniest thing I've read today. Thumb for OP.
#7 - theajmaster (12/11/2012) [-]
sorry to burst the bubble, its a repost though. still good give him the thumbs anyways
#6 - anonymous (12/11/2012) [-]
I think the important question is, what the **** did John do?
User avatar #5 - shaddz ONLINE (12/11/2012) [-]
Been browsing FJ all day (except for a piddly 3 hour shift today and there has not been much to smile at but I came across this gem of a post after several beastly bong rips and it is by far the highlight of my day... that is probably a bad thing I know
#1 - Seanxone (12/10/2012) [-]
This is possibly the best thing I've seen ever
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