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#137 - leredditman
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It seems that Alex Mason killed by Woods but Woods missed the shot on the masked Mason, because Mason revisits Woods 30 years later. Menandez digs up his sisters grave and burn himself at her grave-site. Hudson dies and Salrazar is a traitor.

Desmond choose the Minerva ways and dies, Juno is free. Connor's dad and mom also dies and connor kills his bestfriend .

Master Chief and Cortana unsuccessfully sabotage the Didact's ship.
Chief and Ivanoff Ivanoff Research Station staff trying to destroy the Composer, but Didact used gravity beam, burning the entire crew except for John and Cortana into ash.
They defeat the Didact on the way to Earth, before detonates the bomb.
Chief finds himself in a mysterious region, Cortana appears and explains that she used the rest of her power to form a shield of hard light around Chief's body where she can actually touch him for the first and final time, and is seemingly at peace.

Chief returns to Earth for debriefing. Didact, proclaiming the Forerunners as custodians of the galaxy and humanity is their greatest threat. "Think of my acts as you will, but do not doubt the reality: the reclamation has already begun, and we are hopeless to stop it".

Master Chief reveals his face.
#142 to #137 - mattmanhemi
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halo 4 was a great game. thanks for reminding me
halo 4 was a great game. thanks for reminding me