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#29 - deansg
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(12/08/2012) [-]
I can forgive some reposts but not reposting OC by another funnyjunker without giving credit. **** you OP
User avatar #49 to #29 - bossmcpimp [OP]
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(12/09/2012) [-]
I had the feeling that I had seen it before, but not on Funnyjunk. To tell you the truth, I got this from EpicLOL on Facebook. 98% of the pages on Facebook get their pictures from Funnyjunk, 9GAG, Reddit, 4Chan, Tumblr, or another site. So I am sincerely sorry that I didn't check for every single person who ever reposted this, and didn't give credit to the Facebook page that reposted it, or the original maker, which I DO NOT know. Sorry for slapping each of your sore butt holes.