So one time I went to omegle.... My mind is full of Chaps. allt?, omegle Talk to strangers! You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol You: Greetings St
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So one time I went to omegle...

My mind is full of Chaps

allt?, omegle Talk to strangers!
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
You: Greetings
Stranger: Hello
Stranger: How are we today
You: We are fine, how about you'?
Stranger: Una is well
Stranger: mildly tired
Stranger: But wall
You: We are bored, but fine.
Stranger: Where are you
Stranger: In the Land
You: Yes, Fin Land to be exact.
Stranger: Nice
Stranger: Cold yet nice
You: How about you one?
Stranger: Eng Land
You: Yes, cold. But we like cold
Stranger: Really
Stranger: I like the look of old
Stranger: cow’
You: I like old people too
You: But they smell funny
You: And are all wrinkly and things
Stranger: they will be dead soon
Stranger: the the glory of earth
Stranger: and we shall bask in there assistance
Stranger: drink wine
You: Quite, but that is the way of the earth mother and
her will is that all wrinkly people will die.
Stranger: and say how much we liked them
You: Indeed my good sir.
You: Do we have some tea too?
Stranger: Yes lam pouring as we speak
Stranger: are you a female or male
You: Pour me some too, good chap. Gentlemen lam.
Stranger: A knight of Finland
You: Quite, My name is Lord Samuri The Great
You: Do you give me the permission to ask your name?
Stranger: I and Lord *********** of the Tribe
You: Greetings my fellow Lord
Stranger: Son of the KING of the
You: I have heard lot of song about the mighty
Stranger: Yes the tails are true
Stranger: I am a baby eater
You: It is an honor's meet one of the
Stranger: Is there snow in the Land of the Fins
You: How did earth Mother grant me this honor's
speak whit the Holy Baby eater
You: Yes, the great earth Mother gave us the pure
white snow a one week ago.
You: Does have this pleasure of earth
Stranger: No
Stranger: Not yet
Stranger: It snowed yesterday
Stranger: but it did not lay
You: Well that is sad new indeed, but I have faith in
earth Mother.
You: Have done something to madden
earth Mother‘?
Stranger: we have been sticking our love claw into the
islamic woman
You: Blasphemy
Stranger: The gods are not been please with this act
You: were you one to do this act the mighty Baby
Stranger: yes i payed 200 dog hairs
Stranger: for the ugliest one
You: This is the most horrid act that any individual can
commit to earth Mother!
Stranger: **** my boss is here i have to act like
doing work... must dash Lord Samuri The Great
Stranger: take care
Stranger: and all
Stranger: its been emotional
You: cm Well then... Have good rest of your life good
You: It has indeed
Stranger: I WILL NEVER YOU...
You: And neither am I
Your partner has disconnected.
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