Pokemon drinking game. . wyy my Leaf! my wyy Pay Day! with a feckless mum. They but yoy yga... g mums! First to my. gets m extra mm, DESW Md my Us my hula d" -i Pokemon game
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Pokemon drinking game

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Tags: Pokemon | game
wyy my Leaf!
my wyy Pay Day!
with a feckless mum. They but yoy
yga... g mums! First to
my. gets m extra mm, DESW Md my Us my
hula d" -is
nanny wyy Crabhammer! _
Bring dawn the luxury cruise my Roll again
and .. that number
they must mm. mm .. wyy.. g each lost my.
Ditto wyy "
During the my
mm, yoy must copy
everything they M
I way. to tade my summer
summer summer
wyy On yam! next mm, you the
my my A tahnks, but yoy die and magg my that
may each turn m the
my mm a may mu
Give 5 tahnks, but lose a mm mm: m mum, mam Markart wyy Spash!
to recharge away;
wyy Sand-
Attack! you accuracy .5
lowered my the test of
wyy Mum: Move!
ywu' m a guy, guys take T, If mm what the last ‘prawn
ywu' magill mums, my during / my last my.
wyy my Curl’
my 2 terms, but yoy yo not
have to take my tirades my:
yoy 50
Gyrados wyy Dragan my
Take A tirades unless yoy
which case W. my A tirades
Satan my null a my
my mm my Give 1
my mm
pt my mm a may
my yum: mm. my
y. y wyy Hwy Beam!
am; catch my am gnu a my
Why my my mum
I ABEL- my my my my
T mm A way Taurus a
landed an Markart, y.
5 slow my the my
my here, make up a aperture
mu the my may L
yum yum drink 1,
Misty' Emmy testorone Dame, when Shred ' s dignity
Roll a die and take that
atthe "
my s 1 asked
Land an the same span: as another
my each you a die, and who've:
rolls the - number my
number, both .. 1
If yam’ slang! .5 strung against m
sediment' s starter, W. get 2 my
rolls to dun’ 1, and W. take the
of the 2 rolls my :
Rare Candy - Level my
my get m extra mm
Pusan wyy Fury Satires!
3 If yam’ tawny .5 not Roll a die, and my out that
an the board, sadly .. 3
Telefon to the other Anya
Roll a die um half, my
half my my What
pry' s deal, anyway?
many tirades
sum Squaw: an
wmm Squaw:
where additional
mm an m my
mm mm tirades
Finish a mu my take
my. my cam»: man an
until yum: my mam
Electrode wyy Explosion!
Everybody my. my tirades! Better ya ! Drinki, capture
Anya my Telefon’
Anya my Telefon’
Telefon to the other Anya
mu a my
that numb“,
ABEL- mummy numb“,
my threw a Pokeball! If yam’
favorite Pokemon .5 an the
board, you a to catch m
Roll a As and y my awn‘
1 Roll a die to magg anywayy
2 This Dame only .. zyy 151 Pokemon because
may yoy, that' s why
3 my may only leave the table when y .5 not yam’
mm No my . battles!
5 , wrcm
must challenge them to a Trainer Battle!
6 sum and gold Squaw: have wmm mm
T my luck, and .. my a Pokemon Master!
my must slap at all
gold spares,
whether or not yam’
die you places yoy
and them
til q "it tit
Throw that Master Ball and
yum mast m yum: gym.
my an a wmm. Many.
my Thunder
Punch! Youre paralyzed;
you my mm
A Snorlax blocks
youcam Elwin 5011501
the granny‘; chance to wake
hm, or take A tirades
1. my Sung’
Everione else can may?
Take m extra tum!
my Team Rack}! Watch
my resurrecting a Fossil
Pokemon! Everione older
Km; my Hazy
If theres anything ..yarny
to smoke, smoke y to avoid
dang 2 tirades
A my Missingo! Roll 3
tames ,
man If not, m Mached
Restart at Pallet Tom.
S. -along my Waterfall!
yo a waterfall!
V Poliwag my Hydro Pump!
sesure, a%
says um drunk
What? my Pokemon .5
Slap evolution my
slow Northeast
the laster
may mm
my o
my caught a Pikachu!
mm 2 and replace you
yam with this walking
mm my my Attack!
Use that quickness to my 1
k and take m can
Pick one, dude.
my fainted
mamamamamama zfi. .C»»»»»»
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#3 - perfectionx
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(12/06/2012) [-]
Nerf Pickachu, he's a royal douche anyway...Why does only squirtle have 2 counters...;_;
#1 - anon id: 9691eee5
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(12/06/2012) [-]
This is genius ! Maybe a little bit hardcore at the end ... but who cares !
#2 to #1 - cheeseflavor [OP]
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(12/06/2012) [-]
I hope your liver will hold it ;p