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#5 - ksiota (12/06/2012) [-]
And they didn't even have a kitten.
#10 to #5 - jrtojrto (12/06/2012) [-]
They had a kitten. They were best friends. It got hit by a car, when they told Koko, she cried and became depressed.
#28 to #10 - ryderjamesbudde **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #35 to #28 - phsionix (12/07/2012) [-]
If I remember correctly, she mimed the expression for crying, because as I understand it gorilla's don't actually have tear ducts. And man, have you seen the one where she talks about her parents death in sign language? The amount of feels I got from it...
User avatar #12 to #10 - ksiota (12/06/2012) [-]
woah dude, sad.
#7 to #5 - mattkingg **User deleted account** (12/06/2012) [-]
i read that in his voice, god damn you
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