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Piers "Aloe" Morgan

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Submitted: 12/05/2012
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#520 - anonymous (12/26/2012) [-]
For any English people who happen to cross this comment, please help, search "Keep Piers Morgan in the USA". We don't really want him back. :)
#518 - anonymous (12/08/2012) [-]
I find it strange that guns are legal in the USA, yet everybody screams when they see someone is carrying one.
#519 to #518 - doctorlean **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#502 - thecapnjake (12/06/2012) [-]
So... I'm a 5'6'' skinny college student who works nights at a hotel. I enjoy my job, and I put in a lot of hours to pay my bills, keep my head above water, and help support my aging and permanently disabled father. I pay my taxes, I volunteer in my community, I donate to charity, and I am not a psychopath. A few months ago, my hotel rented several rooms to a large group of older bikers. One of them, who was belligerently drunk, bought a regular guest of ours a case of beer. Obviously, with the intention of getting with her for the night. After he bought it, she promptly told him, "Goodnight!" and locked herself in her room. But not before pausing at the front desk while I was doing paperwork to tell me goodnight and call me by my first name. This infuriated the drunk biker, as he thought she was a close friend of mine and running some kind of free beer scam (he was a drunk moron after all). Before I even had much of a chance to look up from my paperwork, this 6' 5'' drunk maniac had ran into the lobby and gotten an iron grip around my throat. He looked me dead in the eye, and told me that he'd kill me for helping "that slut" to "play him like a fool". He tightened his grip, and I could tell that he meant it.

I did not kill him, as I didn't want to fire in the lobby unless I absolutely had to, but me drawing my firearm was sure as hell enough to make him take off running out of the front door. If I had not had my 9mm tucked into my waistband, I'm pretty confident that I would not be typing this today.

Therefore, I am now of the opinion that gun control laws are complete and utter ******** .


#505 to #502 - doctorlean **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#490 - riceronijabrony (12/06/2012) [-]
As an American I thought this guy was a decent man, until I read what some other people from the UK had to say....that being said:

If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Bin Laden, Hitler and Piers'd ****** Morgan, I can honestly say that I would shoot Piers twice. Once in the knee so he feels the pain, and then one right between his eyes.
User avatar #487 - gorginhanson ONLINE (12/06/2012) [-]
Good argument,. The world would be a lot better off if people admitted they were wrong after losing the debate like this douche.

I don't even have an opinion on gun laws.
#471 - thevoid (12/06/2012) [-]
Could someone please explain this tweet for me? I'm actually quite lost
Could someone please explain this tweet for me? I'm actually quite lost
#488 to #471 - anonymous (12/06/2012) [-]
the second admendment is the right to own a weapons.
#470 - breakfastlunch (12/06/2012) [-]
Gun control laws are 						*******					 stupid because if criminals want guns, they'll get them whether there's a law or not.  If people want guns for self-defense, or simply for going to the shooting range and having a good time, they can't do it with strict gun control.
Gun control laws are ******* stupid because if criminals want guns, they'll get them whether there's a law or not. If people want guns for self-defense, or simply for going to the shooting range and having a good time, they can't do it with strict gun control.
#484 to #470 - notthistime (12/06/2012) [-]
that same old argument is just stupid. you see how strict gun control laws are in the uk and things. there are probably more gun related deaths in chicago daily than over there in a whole year. and the worst thing is probably handguns.
#497 to #484 - breakfastlunch (12/06/2012) [-]
From the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

"According to the 1997 Survey of State Prison Inmates, among those possessing a gun, the source of the gun was from -

a flea market or gun show for fewer than 2%
a retail store or pawnshop for about 12%
family, friends, a street buy, or an illegal source for 80%"

Now, considering that there are 314.9 million people in the US and 62.3 million in the UK (about 1/5 of the population of the US), let's see gun crime incident statistics (in a year):
About 477,000 incidents in the US
About 21,500 incidents in the UK.

Adjusting for population difference, the UK number would be 108,700 incidents of armed crimes if the population was the same.

Now, if we look at total crime rates:
11,877,000 crimes in the US in 2002
6,524,000 crimes in the UK in 2002

Let's adjust total crimes for population: 33,000,000 crimes in the UK if it had 5 times its population.

TL; DR: Long story short, a country might have fewer gun-related crimes, but it still has PLENTY of other crime.
User avatar #496 to #484 - improbablyyourdad (12/06/2012) [-]
Are you really comparing crime in the UK to crime in America?
#482 to #470 - anonymous (12/06/2012) [-]
Don't you think that they need a reason to arrest someone with a dangerous gun?
#499 to #482 - ScottishMinor (12/06/2012) [-]
"...a dangerous gun?"
User avatar #464 - gammajk (12/06/2012) [-]
I don't agree with the retarded statement of "NOBODY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO OWN A GUN"... but seriously, should a psychopath be allowed to own a gun? Should a suicidal schizophrenic? Also, you don't need to have ******* FUNCTIONING grenade launcher. If you seriously think you're going to be using it against an oppressive government or some ******** , you're a ******* psychopath.

I don't agree with taking away everybody's guns but why the **** are we handing them out like goddamn candy to people who will almost certainly hurt and/or kill other people with them? Seriously, there are TWELVE YEAR OLDS walking around with handguns. What the **** .
#472 to #464 - breakfastlunch (12/06/2012) [-]
Where the 						****					 do you live?  Every state I know of has gun control laws for felons and minors.
Where the **** do you live? Every state I know of has gun control laws for felons and minors.
User avatar #477 to #472 - gammajk (12/06/2012) [-]
But it doesn't work. AT ALL.
#501 to #477 - ScottishMinor (12/06/2012) [-]
User avatar #481 to #477 - breakfastlunch (12/06/2012) [-]
I live in an area with about half a dozen shooting ranges and gun clubs, and there hasn't been a crime involving firearms in the area in about a decade.
User avatar #494 to #481 - gammajk (12/06/2012) [-]
Then you live in a good area with a low amount of criminals. You can't transfer that data to the entire country.
User avatar #503 to #494 - breakfastlunch (12/06/2012) [-]
Of course not. However, I've been to about 14 states, give or take, and I've never seen a child with a weapon or heard of a felon legally purchasing a gun. I don't live very far from Los Angeles, so I don't have to drive more than two dozen miles to get to a place with plenty of gang-related gun crimes. I guarantee that teens and kids who have guns in L.A. got them illegally.
User avatar #462 - hawaiianhappysauce (12/06/2012) [-]
It's funny how the person who was typing like a retard outsmarted Morgan... you know your career hits a new low when that happens.
#469 to #462 - anonymous (12/06/2012) [-]
she only typed like that because there is a character limit on twitter...
User avatar #475 to #469 - hawaiianhappysauce (12/06/2012) [-]
ah... don't use twitter because I have no friends...
#460 - herpymcderp has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #459 - darkangeloffire (12/06/2012) [-]
I wish I had a random gun generator like in Borderlands.... and then the necessary means to use said guns.
#446 - anonymous (12/06/2012) [-]
When a government official comes to take my guns he will be met with a shot to the face. Simple
#495 to #446 - riceronijabrony (12/06/2012) [-]
>mfw Live in Pennsylvania
>mfw Pennsylvania has a Castle Law
>mfwCastle Law states that if there is in intruder in your house, you have the right to Kill them on sight
>mfw Even if they're running away/trying to leave
User avatar #454 to #446 - mcatheistnuggets (12/06/2012) [-]
I love you anon.
User avatar #445 - mcatheistnuggets (12/06/2012) [-]
We already have a ****** up system. Yes those laws were put into place so that we could protect ourselves from our government if ever need be. Slowly but surely our government has been taking away that right by passing "Assault weapons bans" and requiring mounds of paperwork and taxes. It's ******* ridiculous. They also keep things so expensive that normal people won't consider buying them. You can't legally own a tank, (one with a functioning gun anyway), a fighter jet, a bomber (at least a modern one), or air defense systems. Now, if we were to go to war with our government, we would be thoroughly out matched. In Africa you can buy an AK-47 (legit .308 or if you prefer 7.62 mm) for the equivalent of $5 usd. Here in the U.S. the same rifle will cost you at least $250. The most prevalent round in the U.S. is the .22, which is cheap, but extremely ineffective in a combat situation. Sure you can kill things with it, but you will never be able to pierce armor with it, it's not really accurate, and has almost no stopping power. Shotguns are fairly cheap, but with current regulations, they are generally limited to 3 rounds in the tube, or a 5 round mag, (my Browning Auto 5 has a tube that holds 5 and one in the chamber, so a total of 6). They are also for close range engagements, not for a long or medium range combat. Now to own an automatic or a burst fire weapon, you have to jump through flaming hoops of paperwork, and in some states and cities mags bigger than 10 rounds are illegal. It is complete ******** , we can't defend ourselves if they keep us from acquiring the tools to do so.

"Guns kill people." Oh well I guess pens misspell words and spoons make people fat. No idiots like you with guns kill people.
User avatar #467 to #445 - gammajk (12/06/2012) [-]
You wear a tinfoil hat, don't you?
#480 to #467 - mcatheistnuggets (12/06/2012) [-]
Yes, is something wrong with that?
#442 - hitlerlikeslemons (12/06/2012) [-]
In Switzerland, after all men serve in the army, they are allowed to either keep either their assault rifle or pistol. There are about 50 ******* a year.
#468 to #442 - anonymous (12/06/2012) [-]
i soooo want a sig 550 but u bastards never export them
User avatar #453 to #442 - patrickmiller (12/06/2012) [-]
How many minorities are there is Switzerland 50?
User avatar #432 - awesomenessdefined (12/06/2012) [-]
You know what I don't get, is why that's the second amendment. I mean, freedom and speech and all makes sense to be first, but you're telling me that the next most important thing a whole group of people could come up with was guns?
#447 to #432 - anonymous (12/06/2012) [-]
No it was militia something very important to the American Revolution and in order to have a militia you need weapons so every America is entitled the right to own a gun because maintaining a militia is important (NOTE: Not to maintain a militia, but because it is important to have one, it does not say you need to have a militia to have a gun.)
#444 to #432 - ichbinlecher (12/06/2012) [-]
How do you protect yourself from others taking that away?
How do you keep soldiers out of your house?
How do you keep people from searching your house without a permit?

Doesn't work as well for most of the other ones, but being able to be armed, to train a militia to protect town, and being well regulated are pretty damn important - then and now. The real shame is that we have let the government take away everything but the guns themselves.
User avatar #443 to #432 - mmoranoderp (12/06/2012) [-]
for self defense, they were mostly surrounded by wilderness. and native americans attacked settlers too. they needed guns
User avatar #441 to #432 - blackcomet (12/06/2012) [-]
How do you plan on defending and protecting your freedom and property, with words
You: "Don't shoot"!
Bad Man: "Okay".
#440 to #432 - mynameisnightwolf (12/06/2012) [-]
At the time period, when Americans weren't allowed to keep muskets because they could rise up against Britain. This was a huge hampering for the American Revolution, so they made sure to write it in right away.

Oh. And there are actually 5 rights in the first amendment. Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Press, Petition, and Religion
#425 - mikeliterous has deleted their comment [-]
#417 - LocoJoe (12/05/2012) [-]
Yes good out law the guns you liberals.
User avatar #455 to #417 - rockmanneos (12/06/2012) [-]
>be liberal
>believe everyone should have the right to own a gun so long as they pass a psych and criminal background check
Hello generalization.
#419 to #417 - LocoJoe (12/05/2012) [-]
No danger in it at all.
#428 to #419 - mrgreatnames **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#420 to #419 - LocoJoe (12/05/2012) [-]
NOPE none at all
#430 to #420 - mrgreatnames **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #500 to #430 - LocoJoe (12/06/2012) [-]
This song fits the situation well
#414 - iliketires (12/05/2012) [-]
Being English, I apologize for Piers, profusely. He is, how we say, a 						*******					 wanker.   
MFW Piers.
Being English, I apologize for Piers, profusely. He is, how we say, a ******* wanker.

MFW Piers.
User avatar #479 to #414 - evictedone (12/06/2012) [-]
Makes you wish the gallows were still in use. Or maybe the guillotine...oh hell, just bring the whole ******* torture room back and we can kill him slowly!
User avatar #426 to #414 - ilieksheep (12/06/2012) [-]
I ******* hate Piers Morgan with a passion.
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