This girl is a queen. FUNNIEST I EVER SAW ON MY FACEBOOK. Rate Reco ' 49 subscribers T 3" a about an hour ago . at in Subscribe People joke about how stupid gir le duck face

This girl is a queen


Rate Reco ' 49 subscribers T
3" a about an hour ago . at in Subscribe
People joke about how stupid girls make duck faces in all their photos nowadays. You know, that facial
expression made by pressing one' s lips together into the shape of a ducks bill that stupid sluts make.
To me this is a very sensitive topic because of something that happened to me not too long ago.
Excuse me ifi get overly emotional.
My younger sister fell into the same ******* phenomenon as other idiot teen girls. When she first got
her Facebook, I, along with the rest of my family started to see her act differently. Iwould see her
holding her phone up in the air and make a retarded face that made her look like a duck. I said, "What
the hell are you doing? You look like a ******* idiot you know." She said, "Shut up, you don' t know
what it' s like to be me." As the weeks went by it became more serious. She would take pics of herself
doing that face while my family was haying dinner, she even did it while we were at the hospital
consoling my gay cousin dying from AIDS. Her Facebook started piling up with these
ridiculous photos. It got to a boiling point where my family had to have an intervention with her. My
mom and dad were crying about how their, "little princess" was turning into a "duckface making
whore". Iactually burst out laughing when they said those exact words. We started to see a change in
how she looked. She started look more like..... well..... she started to look like an actual ******* duck.
She said she knew she was losing control and that she would change. She was lying.
It was on a fateful November night that Iwould be scarred emotionally for the rest of my life. Iwas
sleeping and I started to hear "" " coming from my sister' s room. After 10 minutes
of constant QUACKING, Fiinally had to get up and see what was going on. If you' re wondering why my
parents didn' t get up, I don' t know why either. My parents are horrible parents, they didn' t even
believe me about the Gay Purple Hamster but that' s another topic. Oppened my sisters door and there
she, or should Isay it, was on the floor. My sister had transformed into a duck. Her phone was
dropped right next to where shew her new duck form] was standing. Irolled and got my parents and
they were devastated along with me. We still have my sister living at home. She lives in the basement
stuck in a cage. Everyday I' ll go down to the basement and throw breadcrumbs at her because ducks
like that **** . It' s embarrassing and I can' t even talk about it any further.
Because ofthis experience I' started a movement called "Stop Making Duck Faces You Stupid Bitch".
Together we can stop what happened to me and my family from happening to you and your loved
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