Hello, this is title.. Hello, this is description.. Anonymous ( Thu) 20: 26 I t] eln linear algebra class ethe vector intersects the points C) and P, SC) it' s  this is a fuck i donbt give
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Hello, this is title.

Hello, this is description.

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Anonymous ( Thu) 20: 26 I t]
eln linear algebra class
ethe vector intersects the points C) and P, SC) it' s the (OP line
icall it the faggot line outloud without
ea few people laugh
stares at me like "Why?"
slaughterer's down
esame neckbear at the back keeps laughing
egrets continue with lesson but he wont stop
ewe hear same gagging, then the sound sf an inhaler, then the laughter resumes
ewe all turn around to look at him
ehe' s still cracking up, his face is all blue and red
m thinking "What have I done?"
ehe falls out sf his chair, wiggling around the floor, still laughing maniacally
ehe can' t control himself, he starts to fart
girls around him pass out
ewe farting continues, it shows signs sf stopping
can hear the farts change tone and the smell gets deeper
ewe all know he is now ******** himself
ewe **** forces its way out sf his crappy,
ehe is still a bright blue/ red and laughing
ewe **** rocket that is his ass begins to make him spin
ehe now looks like a Catherine Wheel firework powered by **** instead offere
Sphaghetti rackets frsm his pocket
out a few dudes around the classroom
we this point we all retreat outside the rnsm and continue viewing frsm a safe distance
ehe' s still wiggling and spinning and wreaking haves
ewe hear same sputtering and he slows down
ehe' s now lying limp in the middle sothe rnsm, we all spen the doors and take a few steps in, we think he' s dead
ewe hear same gurgles and see him tilt his head round to look at me
M lean in to hear his last words without having to get closer's him
ehe looks apts , with treats in his eyes and says his dying words
ehe thrusts his hips in the air and says ' maths up"
gsus saver and clases his eyes
us that we have learnt all we can about
H leave the rnsm, a single treat in my eye
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