I just watched. found on the web, enjoy.. He's fattening the mouse for later. cat Food
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I just watched

found on the web, enjoy

Tags: cat | Food
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Submitted: 12/02/2012
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User avatar #1 - luismamontes (12/03/2012) [-]
He's fattening the mouse for later.
User avatar #5 - temporalguardian ONLINE (12/03/2012) [-]
..and then he just watched a mouse come up and cannibalize another mouse and was like "holy **** im not ******* with that ****** "
#4 - anonymous (12/03/2012) [-]
What a pussy.
#3 - roflcopterkklol **User deleted account** (12/03/2012) [-]
My cat kills critically endangered bandicoots.
I mean it is an understandable mistake they look like mice i guess.
#2 - morskoj (12/03/2012) [-]
Clearly he wasn't watching the mouse. He was watching its cells multiply.
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