lol. someone tell me if this has been posted, ill just delete or something.. Clumsy Seller In r an r co prayer wanted ma a CD changer that can hold at least so
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lol. someone tell me if this has been posted, ill just delete or something.. Clumsy Seller In r an r co prayer wanted ma a CD changer that can hold at least so

someone tell me if this has been posted, ill just delete or something.

Clumsy Seller
In r an r
co prayer wanted
ma a CD changer that can hold at least so cos Must he m good
ram searing my 6( Technics on changer Ths thang rs In excellent
and works great r have mourned a prune or t rm asking tor rt
Prease mt me know rt you are interested
From Steve - to Me:
Me, the on player looks good Does n have a remote? rt so, r can wok t up
tomorrow Where do you we?
From Me to Steve "T":
rt does have a remote Tomorrow works tor me, r work m Manatank near the
and can hrrng the on player to work will me We can meet anywhere
around there m the afternoon
Just one rumor thang though, and r tru[ y am sorry about Inns, but r accedentally
upped over the on player m the dark earner and clumped the Ede or the piastra
cover There Isnt a screen there and t does not aka the
whatsoever, hut r rust thought r shame let you know we included a prune or the
yuan chm
From Steve '1 to M _
No worms That rs we whats your phone number? Mme rs '" P'"
From Me to Steve M".
Steve, rm marry sorry, but r damaged rt a mile more r marry shown
have moved t out or the more or the hardway, because r just Wrapped over rt warn
unfortunately r was wearing boots and cracked the plastic cover
around the screen A tew or the buttons got mashed m as wer You can m play
songs 1, 2, 4, 5, T, and 9, though or rust use the remote rt sto plays Cds me, and
we included a more or t powered on so you can see that t stu werre
once warn, r am sorry about liars r am gouty to knock no on or the wee
tor your
From Steve -V to Me:
Could you drop the prace down to )? That rook: pretty had
From Me to stew "F:
Sure rt rs my taunt tor trapping over rt anyway
Pram Me to Steve --F:
Hey, me warn r was roading the on prayer no my trunk to bronto work
tomorrow, but then my mend caved me and r got destracted Long story short, r
ingot the co prayer was heared my car and r hacked over t a we or
when r went to go to wawa Thankfully r " the brakes bxutme r crushed anythang
opponant_ but the hack name 5 a we bent
r assure you that the on player SIN works on the hight the car must have
popped that clipped pram cover on or the wont, so now you can clearly see the
rear screen tthank rt rows hater, don! you? From the trout, staring at rt head on,
you cant even ten that the hack rs bashed m We that seem as r reproved the
looks tron, the wont, r am gong to hump the wee hack up to we
r am gong to try my best to who the meta name hack to the way rt was once
warn, ram very sow about thrs
Pram stew - to M _
Are you me? That thang rs muted What a trekking km you are! How didn‘ I
you reams rt was Damn your can
Pram stew - to Me:
on, and you have the nerve to charge me MORE money tor rt worse?
From Me to stew -
Dom Worry, r can m rt rm working on faxing rt rant now
From Me to stew -W:
okay, we got good news and had news The good news ' the on prayer slur
works The had news rs that r was smoking a agar werre r was tryong to repare t, and
t accedentally set pan or the on prayer on we
As you can see Horn the picture, some or the CD payer has mated Thanks to my
2 months expeirence as a volunteer , my restricts melted m and r was are
to extinguish the names wan my come Debra too much or the on prayer mated rt
All can hold about was CDA, and an that stun that melted on the right we wasnt
opponant anyway
unfortunately, r drank expensive whee and rt was nearly Mr when r had to use rt to
put out the the Therefore, r am adding another 53 to the wee or the co prayer to
hrrng the grand tote» to an
once warn, the on player slur works r trunk t sounds even Della than rt rs
now m my trunk and ready to he 50rd to you tomorrow w gave you a can when r
have my rum break so we can meet up tonne we
From stew 1- to Me:
You must he stupad rt you ttwy Ill pay tor the charred remains or your co
player r cant Darya how badly you managed to tuck that thang up How are you
SIM awe? How have you managed to make t tins tar m we when CLEARLY you are
too to keep even a on player trout bang burned to a cusp? r really want to
Please, Mme. tell are
From Me to stew --r
rm sorry TI upset you by humping the we up to Lets Just can rt we Deal?
From stew to M _
how are you tins duhh?
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User avatar #2 - danniegurl (12/02/2012) [-]
it's been posted before, but it was a while ago, so not everyone's seen it or anything.
User avatar #1 - oglemokk (12/02/2012) [-]
It obviously has been posted here.
But keep it, I have only seen it once before, and it is funny.

Also for sauce:

Or google: Emails from an asshole
#4 - massus **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #3 - Seventeen (12/02/2012) [-]
it still holds 33-35 CDs xD
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