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#194 - anon
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(12/02/2012) [-]
1. I'm sorry that I am unable to physically hang out with some of my friends and family across the country and have to resort to facebook.
2. What the **** does the Starbucks logo have to do with anything? They are barely even different anyway.
3. Obviously, you never owned a Gameboy as a child in the 90s.
4. God forbid anyone multitasks.
5. I'll give you credit for this one.
6. So you take the worst possible example of music and use it to exemplify every single band or artist today. There were plenty of **** bands in the 90s, and there are plenty of great bands of today.
7. It's a lot easier to just text/call the person. What's the point of doing something the hard way just for the sake of doing it? That's called degression.
8. Again, you take the worst possible example to stereotype the entire generation of today. I've met some pretty awesome and respectful kids. And I'm pretty sure there were some little ***** back in the 90s.
9. I've only met an incredibly small handful of pregnant teens. And absolutely none of them planned it, nor did they want it to happen. Most of them needed counseling.

TL;DR - OP is just trying to jump on the 90s Kid bandwagon... which I'm pretty sure left at least a few months ago.
#219 to #194 - youxbarstard
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(12/02/2012) [-]
Try living next to a church.
I'm only 20 yet they call me sir....makes me feel so old D=