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Actually it runs on glucose.
User avatar #43 to #35 - thepineapple
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Glucose is the sugar from fruits.
Listen here you DYEL phaggot,
consumed carbohydrates enter the blood stream where they are turned into triglycerides,
those which get into the muscle tissue are called as glycogen.
At the start of any physically activity the body will use ATP, which is the bodies energy source. As we do not store enough ATP to cover longer than 5 minutes of exercise, the body will then turn to glycogen (as it's the closest to the muscle) and add a Phosphate molecule and turn it into ATP.
Once glycogen storages have been depleated, the body will turn to protein, but depending on the activity performed:
- anaerobic activity will use glycogen and protein
- aerobic activity will use glycogen and body fat

Sitting on your ass and pedaling is an aerobic activity and it will use glycogen and fat as a fuel source, with protein accounting for the minimal source (below 10%).

Fun fact: You body NEVER burns simply 1 of these 3 energy sources. It's always a combination of the 3 in different ratios, depending on the physical strain, the lenght and the type (aero vs anaero).

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