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#79 - thechosentroll (11/27/2012) [-]
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That's because he may have done all those things, but they still only pay him to eat disgusting stuff in front of the camera. They just chose a guy with a background like that so when people like me point it out someone goes "NUH UH! He was in the special forces and climbed mt. Everest. He knows how to survive.". He does, but that's not what they're paying him for. Ever notice how he just HAS to make sure everything he eats squirts its' guts on the camera? Your average human can survive a month and a half without food, yet he has to stop for a slug snack break every 15 minutes.
#111 to #79 - Absolute Madman (11/27/2012) [-]
1. No they cannot, You can last maybe a month and a half with little food, but completely without food? nah bro
2. He is doing hard ******* work. Climbing steep hills and **** , it wears you do and considering he is only eating slugs, hes burning calories fast.
3. Suck a dick bro bro
User avatar #87 to #79 - sfayre (11/27/2012) [-]
im sorry but i highly doubt that the average human can last a month and a half without food
User avatar #93 to #87 - thatoneiranianguy (11/27/2012) [-]
Well actually people can live months with out food as long as they have water.

They'll live in a very unhealthy mannor but they'll live. We've seen countless stories of where POW's had been starved out for months with just water.
User avatar #97 to #93 - sfayre (11/27/2012) [-]
yes i understand but i guess not the (average) man can do it ... and considering if you're lost in a jungle or desert i dont think you cant hold up a week without food for energy . nice chat !
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