Bitter Heartless Bitch. Not an OC. I edited the original.. I wonder why I always get a boner when I lo into a mirror"? Because yum‘ dirk thinks you'" ft Mistily

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#2 - anonymous (08/13/2013) [-]
I apologize for making the above comment to Facebook and I apologize to bossmcpimp. Im sorry. The nasty comment was not intended for you. I mistook you for someone else. The nasty comment above was intended for Heartless Bitches who are in Canada. See the Heartless Bitches on the Internet. They are the ones Im insulting. I wrongly thought that this site was the Heartless Bitches website. I should have been more careful. Its a mistake. Please forgive me Facebook. Please forgive me bossmcpimp. Im sorry Facebook. Im sorry bossmcpimp.
#1 - anonymous (08/13/2013) [-]
Your humour and comments are stupid immature rude. You give women a bad name. You're a bunch of heartless cruel immoral amoral penis sucking cunts who wear jeans instead of skirts. Your a waste of Internet. Your worse than immature; your EVIL. Plain and simple. Do the world a favor you stupid ******* heartless sluts. Dont breed. Use birth control. With the human population explosion there are 10 assholes born every minute. You should call yourselves Heartless Sluts. I find myself getting nauseated from reading your scumology. Maybe we can use your writing for toilet paper! You ******* cunts prove that women are evil. Its no wonder there are so many lonely guys who dont have a girlfriend. Just look at the ****** quality of "women" in society. The majority of women SUCK. And you suck. So go **** yourselves. I hate you. I dont care if you laugh. You belong in the lowest depths of a sewer. You serve Satan.
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